The Australian Love of Pokies

We at Springbok Online Casino pride ourselves on being the top online casino for South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia.  Of course, we also have gamers from all over the world as well.  We would like to dedicate this article to our thousands of gamers from Australia. 

As you probably know already, Australians love pokies.  We provide hundreds of great online pokies for Australia through our game developer Real Time Gaming.   We’ll talk about pokies to be sure and we’ll spend some time telling our Aussie players to try out some of the many other online games we offer.   

The emerging culture in South Africa can learn much from the evolution of culture in Australia.  This is true even at the online casino level; as we’ll see, gaming is a lot more than just gaming!  Let’s see how our top three countries fit into our scheme of online gaming, and what each country brings to the gaming culture here at Springbok.

Slots or Pokies

The most popular game we offer is what we call slots and what are called pokies in New Zealand and Australia.  Many gamers don’t know much about the history of slots and how slots became known as pokies in only two countries.

Most gamers, especially those that love playing slots, don’t know that the game was developed only in the late 19th century!  For many decades, slots were mechanical devices.  You pulled an arm and the reels turned until gravity forced them to stop.  The original slots had only three reels and one pay line.

It wasn’t until the digital age that slots became video games where you pushed a button to spin the wheels and computer software called the Random Number Generator decided all outcomes of every spin.

The British settlers came to Australia at the end of the 18th century and slots were invented a full century later.  At first, slots were exclusively a European pastime.  It took a long time for the first slots to make their way to far away Australia.  Australians called them poker machines because many of them used poker hands to determine winners.

The term poker machine naturally evolved into the slang term pokies which is now so deeply embedded in the vocabulary of Australian English that it can no longer be called a slang term.

Pokies Reflect the Dynamic History of Australia

Many people have said that pokies are the quintessential game of chance.  There isn’t any strategy to playing pokies and unlike roulette or craps, there aren’t any decisions to make except for two: how much to bet and how many lines to bet on.

The emphasis on chance is the gaming aspect of the real life chances the new British subjects faced from the settlement in the 18th century and going forward.  Except for the narrow stretch of relatively friendly coastal lands, the vast interior of Australia was and still is rife with danger.  The newly settled Australian pioneers from Great Britain might have declined to go into the interior at all.  There were dangerous animals they had never seen before and a climate far harsher than any they had ever encountered.

Nevertheless, Walkabout has become a national institution.  As people have played games for as long as we can see back thousands of years, Walkabout became the real life adventure and pokies evolved into the fantasy life adventure.  It is an indication of the synergy between the Australian embrace of risk in their real life and their national embrace of risk in their fantasy life.

Pokie Themes

The biggest element that separates pokies from all other casino games is that in other games there might be several interesting variations whilst in pokies each individual game is a new story in and of itself!  Pokies thus represent the Australian love of adventure and chance.

There seems to be no end in sight for the many story lines game developers can use, find, discover, and tweak to make very newly released pokie game an adventure in itself.

All Our Games

We want to take the time now to nudge all our players to try out our other casino games.


This is a game in which the player has to make fateful decisions on every hand.  The goal is first, not to get over 21 points; if you do, you lose automatically.  The second goal is to as close to 21 as you can.

The great strategic element in blackjack is that the player plays his or her hand first before the dealer plays.  So, there is a built-in risk in blackjack for the player.  It often happens that a player will stand with only 12 points.  That’s because the dealer might get more than 21 points and lose the hand.

Just as no Aussie goes on Walkabout in the harsh interior without thorough preparation, no blackjack player should venture forth into a new blackjack variation without thoroughly learning the variation first.

Unlimited Free Play

We offer free play in all our games so you can play for real money with the best preparation and thorough knowledge of the game.

Video Poker

This is another great casino game that requires thought and constant decisions.  We offer several variations of the game and again we encourage all players to use our free play mode before taking the added risk of placing a bet on the game.

Return to Player

In both blackjack and video poker, correct play can bring the gamer almost even with the house in terms of winning chances.  In other words, you can eliminate almost all risk by being prepared.


We offer several variations of poker in which you play to achieve a winning hand.  These games don’t have bluffing, the prime risk involved in pure poker.  They do require thought and analysis on each hand.  It might surprise you that in some cases both in video poker and in table poker, it is better to trade in a winning hand in order to go for a much better winning hand!

Table Games

We also offer a range of famous and popular table games such as craps and roulette.  In other words, at Springbok Casino, you can take on as much risk as you feel comfortable with or as little risk as you prefer in that gaming session.

Since we are an online casino, you can play a pure game of chance one day and a game of thought and decision-making the next.