Pokies with a Christmas Theme

Let’s give a great shout out to all our friends in Europe and North America who are shivering in their boots this winter!  Here in South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand it’s summer, glorious summer.  Aussies are out at the thousands of beaches that circle their island nation.  With mobile device in hand Aussies can enjoy sea, sun, and sand plus the convenience of accessing their favourite online pokies at their favourite Aussie online casino.

So, come on down to the land down under and play Springbok Casino’s Christmas themed pokies.

Have You Been Naughty or Nice?

This is the age-old question that kids have to answer every Christmas season.  Real Time Gaming has a pokie by that name that you can play year-round but is especially appropriate during the Holiday Season.

Naughty and Nice has five reels, fifty paylines, and a fixed 1 coin bet on each payline.

Real Time Gaming takes a literary device from Jane Austen and has a “Naughty” character and a “Nice” character.  Both are female elves.  Naughty is a beautiful brunette who, despite the season, is not all wrapped up in wintery clothing. In fact, she is rather “out there” you might say.  Nice is her counterpart, a beautiful blond elfette.

Naughty and Nice are dual wild symbols giving you many winning lines.  The Naughty or Nice logo is the scatter that brings you to the free spins round.  Additional symbols are Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus, a Christmas wreath, a Christmas gift box, and mistletoe. 

If you play Naughty and Nice with your significant other, you can make very good use of the mistletoes symbol.  You might even switch off being “naughty and nice”! 

Mrs. Claus looks a bit peeved and some gamers have offered their reasons for her
hrrhmphy” expression.   The best idea in our mind is connected to the rolling pin she’s holding in her hand.  In this explanation, she is sorely tempted to bop ol’ Santa on the noggin with the rolling pin.  You see, she was baking Christmas cookies for the elves, the reindeer, and all the young girls and boys who have been “nice”.

Along comes “naughty” ol’ Santa and swipes a large handful of Mrs. Claus’s Christmas cookies.  Have you ever seen the paws on ol’ Santa?   Now Mrs. Claus has to roll out some more cookies.  She’s also upset because Santa promised to “watch his waist”.  Little did Mrs. Claus know that Santa meant that he would watch his waist grow!!

Naughty and Nice Spring Break

Naughty and Nice was so popular that Real Time Gaming has brought out two other Naughty and Nice themed pokies.  The first is Spring Break.  The name is a reference to the hallowed college Spring Break enjoyed by college students all over the United States.

Spring in the United States is around Easter time.

This pokie runs with a surfing theme.  Here’s a little secret: the Americans think that they invented surfing and the beach bum culture.  As clever Aussies, let’s not tell them that we invented surfing and the beach bum culture.  The big diff is that in the U.S. there really is a beach bum culture whilst here in the land where beach culture began we go to the beach and then we go to work or vice versa.

Naughty and Nice III

This variation of Naughty and Nice really is based on an American invention: the Rock n’ Roll era of 1950’s California.  The music is all 50’s rock n’ roll.  There is the ubiquitous car wash because who wants to tool around in dirty wheels?  Miss Naughty is wearing the short shorts and skimpy top that amounts to formal attire at a California beach.

Santa is lounging at the beach as well, the belly that he feeds in the non-stop action of the original Naughty and Nice on full display.

Rudolph’s Revenge

Rudolph is a thoroughly modern reindeer.  He feels that he is being overworked by the patriarchy symbolized by Santa.  So he set out to wreak some havoc at Santa’s expense.  Rudolph’s revenge is a tongue in cheek look at how hard Santa and his helpers work all year to get all those presents to the deserving kids around the world.

Rudolph makes Santa look like a comic character, quite foolish really.  It is no wonder that Santa tries to turn the table on Rudolph in…

Santa Strikes Back

This is the sequel to Rudolph’s Revenge.  Try as he might, Santa cannot fully get back at Rudolph.  Santa tries to “tie up” the elves just as Rudolph does in Rudolph’s Revenge but Santa doesn’t seem to realize that by tying up the elves his work can’t get done!

Poor Santa!  He reads up on how to get his bit of revenge against Rudolph but he never gets past the first page!   He sets an elf to perform voodoo against Rudolph but the elf has no clue as to how to perform voodoo so Rudolph gets away without a scratch.  Santa ties up Rudolph but without their fearless leader, the other reindeer are “reindeered” unable to do their jobs.

In short, with fifty paylines and a free spins bonus, you’ll find that Santa Strikes back is a perfect accompaniment to Rudolph’s (heroic) Revenge and the three Naughty and Nice Christmas pokies.

Springbok Pokies for Aussies

Christmas may be the most domesticated holiday of all.  It is when adventurers sit around the fireplace (in cold climates, poor things!), drink egg nog, and tell tall tales about their adventures.  It is the day when even the most “naughty” strive to be as “nice” as they can be.

When you need a short break from all the “niceitude” of the day, you can repose to your relaxing corner and spin a few spins on the many high adventure pokies we feature at Springbok Online Casino.