Pokies are a game of pure fun.

This week, in honor of the never-white Christmas celebrated in Australia, we’ll run an article devoted to pokies myths.  We’ll debunk then all trying as hard as we possibly can to stay in the holiday spirit.

Exercise Your Imagination

Online pokies should allow you to let your mind sail across the seven seas, under the seas, and way up high somewhere over the rainbow.  We should soar, and dive, and float in the zero-gravity vastness of space.  When you play at Springbok Aussie online casino, you’ll have over 100 chances to let yourself get immersed in fantastic stories.

So, before we turn into myth busters, let us remind you yet again to play pokies for the fun of the story and the vicarious pleasure you get when you see yourself in any of hundreds of heroic roles.

Hot and Cold Machines

There are two very good reasons why modern video pokies cannot be either hot or cold.  The first is that they are not machines.  A pokies terminal is a purely digital contraption.  Every spin relies on the Random Number Generator to decide which symbols or characters to land on.

The term Random Number Generator may sound a bit fanciful but it works quite simply.  It never stops running through permutations.  When you click on spin, it counts a specific number of seconds and then stops.  The RNG does something similar when you play blackjack.  It runs through a deck of cards and never stops doing so.  When you say hit, it sends you the next card.

Once, pokies machines were mechanical devices.  There might have been an element of a machine running hot or cold but that is no longer the case.  A video pokies machine can no more run hot or cold than that snow can fall in Sydney on Christmas day!

This myth especially gets a lot of players to continue playing a pokies game that they feel is running “cold”.  It feeds into an auxiliary myth that if someone else wins a big jackpot at a pokies game that you just left, you would have won the jackpot had you stayed.  The Random Number Generator decides all outcomes.  It runs constantly so it stopped a specific time after the next player pressed spin.  You would have won the jackpot had you pressed spin at exactly the same millisecond as the new player did.

It’s very important to get away from the notion that a pokies machine can run hot or cold.  This takes away the pure fun side of playing pokies because players get frustrated.  If they think a pokies is “ due” to hit the big jackpot, they might continue to play long after they should have stopped.  It’s much better to daydream about winning a big progressive jackpot than it is to get frustrated when the jackpot proves to still be elusive.

Pure Superstitions

There are several myths that fit this category.  Some players believe that progressive jackpots hit more often on weekends than during the week because that alone will entice more gamers to play on weekends when they have the most free time.

Others believe that progressive jackpots win more often during the week, especially from Monday to Friday, because that will entice more players to press spin during the weekday lulls.

The fact is that the Random Number Generator alone decides “when” a jackpot shall be won.  The RNG is very “smart” software but even it has not yet developed a sense of weekday versus weekend.

Lightning Striking Twice

Just as there is a myth that lightning never strikes the same place twice, there is a similar myth that a progressive jackpot never hits the same video pokies machine twice.  This is a big myth not least of all because many gamers believe the exact opposite: that a pokies that wins once will surely win again.

Land Based Pokies

There is one long-lived myth that land based casinos put the highest paying pokies where the most casino patrons walk.  The RNG laughs a big ho ho ho at this one.  It also points out that, at an online casino, there is no issue about where the pokies have been placed.

Land based casinos don’t like to move pokies around.  So, most pokies stay where they were put originally for a long time.  Online pokies don’t have a specific “location”.  An online casino can’t use bells and whistles and flashing lights to attract pokies players.  So they offer only entertaining games rather than entertaining sight and sound effects.

New Slots

Some players believe that new pokies have higher return to player rates as an inducement to players to play them.  This is false on two fronts.  First, pokies players look forward to playing new pokies every month; they don’t need any artificial inducements to play.

However, pokies players do need an inducement to continue playing.  The inducements online casinos use are simply accepting only excellent new games with the high level of entertainment that the casino is known for.  Online pokies generally return about 97% of money wagered.  New pokies fall in with this norm.

Pokies players love the variety available in pokies so one key to getting gamers to play a new game is just to make sure that the game is fun to play.


This myth has it that there are hidden strategies to winning at pokies.  Once again the Random Number Generator runs all outcomes.  Pokies are a pure game of chance.  There is no direct positive strategy for winning at pokies. 

There are, however, some good pieces of advice for slots players.

  • If you’re playing a progressive jackpot game, always bet the maximum.  You have to bet the max to win the jackpot.  If the maximum bet is too high for your budget, play a different pokies game.
  • Some pokies have high volatility and some low volatility.  High volatility means there will be fewer wins but each win will be for more money.  Low volatility means more small wins.  All pokies players should play a game that suits their personality.
  • Enjoy yourself.