The Big Free Chip List

While it's not easy to identify which online casino operators can be trusted and which can't, judging whether a casino review site is indeed objective and independent can prove to be just as daunting. If you've got any idea of the amounts of money changing hands within the online gambling industry every single day, this won't necessarily come as a surprise.

But how is a player to know where they can play with a complete peace of mind, and whose opinion to trust when trying to make this decision? Because we know this is not easy, and also because we appreciate all those genuinely trying to help, we're using Springbok website to propose a few trustworthy review sites one can turn to for unbiased advice.

Having tested and reviewed thousands of online casinos, has created a list of those found to be the safest and most trusted. The way we treat our players and conduct our operations has ensured Springbok is one of them.

When you access a casino review provided by, you'll find an overview addressing 5 important elements of a casino's offering, along with the respective rating: casino fairness, withdrawal credibility, promotions and bonuses, games variety and graphics, and support professionality. Further details follow, including information on available software, languages and currencies, specifics related to their promotional offering, deposit and withdrawal methods with limits and timeframes, and finally direct contact options. More often than not you'll also see a number of comments contributed by gamers who have played at that particular casino and are eager to share their opinions. additionally offers information about online casino promotions, free chips and sign up bonus offers, provides a number of games which one can play for free, and features a shop where players can purchase items in the form of bonuses and free chips.

How to Choose a Safe Online Casino?

Casino operators are no different to a girl or a guy who take a shine to you and try to impress you the very first time you meet. No doubt you've met genuine articles who are happy to present themselves honestly, trusting their qualities to win you over and treating you respectfully for the remainder of your relationship. Quite likely you also came across those who'll try to paint the picture as pink as can be, not caring much about what happens the day after. Potential partners in the online gaming world act in a similar manner – either transparent and fair from the beginning to the end, or else happy to claim your money while employing all kinds of tricks to pay out as little as possible. It's not easy to tell which of the two you're facing at first glance. That's why it's important to use credible sources before you learn the hard way. Feel free to use information provided on Springbok website; we've put it there because we genuinely care that your online gaming experience is always a positive one.