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Gambling Tips

Make the best out of it! Here you'll find lots of handy tips to become even better.

10-Jack-Queen-King-Ace of spades on a video poker screen

We are close to reaching the most powerful hands in video poker.  First we need to go over the two hands: four to an inside straight and four to an outside straight.  Four to an inside straight is a weaker hand because there are only four cards that can make the straight.   But four to an inside straight with four high cards is obviously better than the same hand but with only three high cards.

Blackjack strategy card

In the aftermath of our three part tutorial on the best blackjack strategy based on the standard strategy card, we felt it apropos to talk about the difference between blackjack at an online casino or at a land based casino. As you can imagine, we think that online blackjack at Springbok, the most popular online casino for South Africa, has many advantages over land based blackjack!

slot machine

Early slot machines featured 3 reels, a few fruit symbols and payouts of pieces of gum or candy. The machines have advanced over the years, giving online gambling for real money slots enthusiasts a wide range of online casino elements, themes, bonus games and mobile playing options. What can today’s slots players expect today? 

movie viewers

You don’t have to study the no deposit casino bonus betting sheets to learn new strategies for your online casino roulette gaming entertainment. Over the years Hollywood has released numerous casino-themed movies where you can gain valuable insights in how to play roulette and other casino games or simply enjoy the atmosphere of casino entertainment.  

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