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4 Best Remote Travel Destinations for the Adventurous Type

Are you more of an adventurer than a tourist?  Are secluded destinations your thing?  If you have answered yes on both accounts, here are three far flung travel destinations to put on your bucket list.  Thanks to data and Wi-Fi, you can continue playing online slots at Springbok Casino en route to paradise!

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How SpaceX Crew Dragon Compares to Apollo II

Apollo II will remain etched in human history as the first spacecraft to propel humans to the moon.  Now, a new spacecraft has been developed to ferry paying passengers into space.  How does SpaceX Crew Dragon shape up against the pioneer of lunar landings?  Here’s a clue.  It’s easier to play online games in one than the other!

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Why an Individualised Online Casino UX is Coming Soon

Thanks to the rapid development and deployment of smart technologies, the future is now!  Online casinos are swept up in a frenzy of adaptability, with AI and machine learning driving change.  How will smart tech enhance the player experience at Springbok Casino?  By delivering highly individualised gambling sessions all round!

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4 High-Tech Gadgets for the Modern Home

Technology makes everything more efficient and accessible – whether its our Kiwi online casino, bot-enabled home security or in-house food production.  If you are looking for futuristic solutions for mundane tasks, here are the top 4 high-tech gadgets for 2021!

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From Playing Casino Games to Identifying 15 Billion Objects – All from your Mobile

In recent years, apps that can identify items such as plants, flowers and food have gained popularity – more so in recent times as databases for reference have improved.  Unfortunately for most of these apps, Google Lens has knocked it out of the park with their image identifier, leaving little need for any other app.

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