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Top 5 Most Played Games in 2020

Here at Springbok, we want to keep our customers happy. So, we keep an eye out on what your favourite games are and what games you all play the most. Every year we publish a list letting you know the top five games at our casino. We release new slot games all the time, but there are a few fan favourites that keep popping up time and time again.

Sometimes a game is an instant hit and players all flock to play it and can’t get enough. New or old we look at them all, to compile this special list, just for you.

The more we know about your favourite games, the more epic the new games we can bring to you. Games we know you will love! What makes a game popular? From what we’ve seen; great payouts, appealing graphics and special features all seem to make a game a hit.

With no further ado, here is our list for 2020:

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Casino of the month - December 2019

We are proud to announce that back in December 2019 Springbok Casino was selected by to be the lucky online casino to win the title of “Casino of the Month”. However, it wasn’t all about luck, as Springbok received its laurels fair and square. And here’s why:

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Top 5 Most Played Games in 2019

To us at Springbok it’s very important to stay up to date with the preferences of our customers. We like to know what you like, and we’re happy to share with everyone the top games that have been keeping you busy in 2019.

While certain new titles become instantly popular, there are also games that have been at the very top when it comes to being consistent and being trendy all the time, at least ever since they were released. Appealing themes, well-implemented features, good payouts and excellent graphics – all of these parameters affect whether a slot will be well received among the audience. According to our Top 5 Slots list for 2019, these are the games that entertained the most Springbok players throughout the year.

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Top Xmas Slots for December 2019

Jolly days are ahead, whether you like the holiday spirit and belong to the Christmas craze or you simply like to use these days to relax and enjoy your free time with a bit of fun, slot-style. We can’t help you much with Xmas shopping or party planning, but we can give you the best suggestions when it comes to choosing which online slots to play at Springbok around the holidays.  

As adults, we no longer believe in Santa Claus, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy Xmas-themed video slots. There are excellent products in our lobby, powered by Real Time Gaming. Here are some of the top recommendations for December 2019, bringing interesting characters and lucrative prizes on your way.

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How Derek ended up with a balance of over R325,000

Springbok is a place of winners! For example Derek here never suspected his next bet to be the big win, the one all players secretly anticipate. It just happened! More than once! However, it wouldn’t have happened at all if our loyal customer hasn’t been persistent and determined to implement his own betting tactics and continue challenging his fortune.

Springbok’s account holder Derek played up to a balance of 325K after using his Cashback Bonus at the casino. He made a terrific streak of victories across the video slot lobby at Springbok, spinning the reels of multiple games, from Megaquarium and Bubble Bubble 2 to Eternal Love.

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