Take Part in Springbok Slots Tournaments and Freerolls

Spinning the reels can be super-exciting on its own, but participating in a slot tournament or freeroll takes the experience to another level. You get to compete with other players and claim your spot in the hall of fame, while significantly boosting your balance. If you've been a regular visitor to Springbok Casino, you'll know we love to organise tournaments and will find one to participate in any time of the year. Good times and generous rewards are guaranteed, so make sure you stay on top of our tournament schedule and join in on the action.

How Slots Tournaments and Freerolls Work

Generally, a tournament will start with a buy-in. This means you will need to pay an entry fee to join and get a shot at winning one of the prizes. The number of players and cost of entry determine the respective prize pool. Some tournaments are free and hence they're called Freerolls. You can join these at no cost and we'll give you an amount of free credits to play with. There's nothing better than playing with other people's money, right? Which is why Springbok traditionally organises Freerolls every single month of the year. While entry is free, these tournaments come with add-ons which allow you to buy additional credits and potentially increase your chances of winning.

Win to Win

So, you got an amount of credits to play with – what next? You'll need to go to the Tournaments section in the casino software and choose a tournament, that's about it! Once the time is up, winners are determined according to the amount of credits on the machine. Those with the highest amounts make it to the leaderboard and collect the awards. If you've not experienced this before, get ready for an incredible rush. Seeing your name among the winners is always hugely rewarding. Your winnings are credited automatically into your player account.

A Few Tips on How to Play

First of all, let's make it clear: there is no guaranteed way to win at a tournament. When you play an online casino games, results are generated randomly. But you can increase your chances of walking away with a prize! First of all, concentrate on what you're doing and don't get distracted by other players and their ranking. If you’re playing a multi-payline game, consider playing all of the lines. Betting max is recommended by many, but that's really up to your style. You could end up busting out, but on the other hand, if you win, you'll win big. And finally, don't forget to have fun!

Why Join a Slot Tournament or Freeroll in Springbok

Tournaments don't require any special skills, which means you can enjoy them equally being a seasoned reel-spinner or a newcomer to slot games. What's more, you will find them to be a great value for money. Even when an entry fee is paid or additional credits bought, you'll be investing small amounts in comparison to competition prizes. Our monthly Freerolls always come with a guaranteed 5-figure or 6-figure prize funds, which can further grow depending on credits paid. Sounds interesting? Then make sure to download the casino software and join in to claim fame and generous awards.

Slot Tournaments and Freerolls are only available in the download version of the casino!