Ostrich head in sand

Surely you’ve heard an expression of burying one’s head in the sand, implying they are ignoring an obvious fact in the hope the problem with spontaneously disappear? This popular saying seems to have originated from the supposed behavior of ostriches when faced with an enemy. People believe they are stupid birds which think this would hide them from the predator, as in “if I can’t see them, they can’t see me”. Experts will tell you this is simply a myth, probably born from observing ostriches eating plants on the ground, digging holes for their eggs, or lying flat when they feel threatened. As their heads are small and bodies quite bulky, this could look as if their head was actually buried in the sand. Even if you still think of this large birds as silly and cowardly - they are not! Be careful when near them; they’ve got very powerful legs and can use them to kill a lion with a single strong kick.