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We’re going to go in a slightly different direction in this article.  We often encourage our gamers to sample all of the casino games we offer here at Springbok, the top online casino for New Zealand.  We mention again and again that you can play our games in free play mode until you’ve gotten used to their nuances and feel confident about playing for real money.

In this article we’re going to go more deeply into the world of online pokies and examine how you can find the best online pokies games for you.

Online Casinos versus Land-Based Casinos

One thing that we find happens very often at a land based casino is that a player will walk into the casino and immediately look for their favourite pokies game.  If blackjack is their favourite game, they look for the table with the minimum that best suits their bankroll.  The same applies to video poker and every other game offered at that casino.

The reason is that at a land based casino, you can’t go from one game to the next and then come back to the original game at your leisure.  Your original game may be taken by another player.  So, at land based casinos we often see that players are not venturing out into uncharted “waters” so to speak.

It is entirely different at Springbok Online Casino.  We allow you to go from game to game at will because there is never a queue at any of our games.  A million people all over the world might be playing a single pokies game and still there is room for one more.  In fact, there is room for a million more!

Try Out New Games

So, we encourage our gamers to try out new games, pokies and all the other games on our gaming menu.  Now, we have so many pokies already on offer with new ones coming every month that some gamers might wonder: “Is there a way to determine which pokies are best suited to me?”


Everyone has a unique personality.  In most areas of life, our basic personality stands out and we do things that most satisfy us.  If someone doesn’t like Chinese food (horrors!) it would make no sense to ask them to check out the new Chinese restaurant.  However, if there is any item on the menu at the new Chinese restaurant that they might be willing to try, then you can ask them to go with you as you try out the new restaurant.

Open-mindedness is a big factor in determining which pokies a player might be interested in trying.

We urge all our gamers to try out all our pokies and other games but everyone does have to set a list of pokies priorities.  Basing the list on your personality is a natural part of choosing.

Adventure or Holiday

Some people have an adventurous nature and some people like to sit on the beach for a week during their yearly holiday.  If you are the adventurous sort, you might feel comfortable going out of this side of your comfort zone and try a game that is actually the opposite of adventurous.

Pokies are a form of vicarious experience so, if you are an adventurer, you probably already act in accordance with that side of your personality.  It might make a lot of sense to ask yourself what would be the complete opposite of an adventure pokies.  It might be a romantic storyline.  It might have a silly theme involving kittens or puppies. 

If your favourite pokies already involves puppies or kittens, you might find that a Viking pokies or one based on the ancient Aztec or Mayan cultures satisfies the side of you that is naturally curious.

Personality Types

This is a complex subject, far outside the reach of a short article.  What we can say is that most people have some sense of their basic personality: quiet or loud; emotional or logical; and intuitive or contemplative.

We believe that ultimately every gamer finds his or her favourite pokies game in a category that reflects their personality type but we still encourage going outside what you see as your natural personality and try out games that seem less like yourself.  We are sure that you’ll be happily surprised at how much you enjoy pokies that focus on areas that are not your primary characteristics.

Pokies Extras

One thing for sure - all our pokies at Springbok are BIG POKIES.  What do we mean by that?  Each, and every one, of our pokies is chocked full of features to extend your fun and enjoyment well beyond what you might have expected.

Every video pokies game has extras that make them more fun to play.  Here again, you should find the extras you like the most.  For instance, some players love playing progressive jackpot games whilst others prefer a game with a much lower volatility level.

People who like progressive games will likely sample all of these before trying out the more subdued games.

Most gamers like pokies with multipliers.  There are two types of multipliers: the games that have multipliers in both the basic game and also in the bonus round and those pokies that have a multiplier only in the bonus round.

If you like multipliers in the basic game, we have a large selection of them.  Most players looking for new games to try will gravitate to the type of multiplier they prefer.

Some players like games with expanding wilds.  Again, we have a large assortment of these as well.  There are several different ways that we design the wilds to help you score big wins.  We have pokies with every possible extra feature involving the wild symbols.

Discover Springbok

We have learned from experience that the players who try to discover everything we have on offer both become the most loyal gamers and also the most satisfied ones.

Remember, we offer unlimited free play so you really can sample everything we offer.