Pokies are fun to play

Pokies are the fastest moving game at Springbok, the top Aussie online casino.  The vast selection of Springbok online pokies means that pokies enthusiasts can enjoy games in many genres and with many themes.  Still, we felt that pokies players deserved a tips article similar to the tips articles we publish weekly for blackjack and other table games and for video poker.

To Thine Own Self Be True

The first thing we encourage all our gamers, and especially pokies players given the great speed with which pokies can be played, is to be sure to match your casino gaming to your true gaming bankroll. 

Proper money management is important in all games but it is especially important when you play pokies.  Whilst some players can afford to bet several dollars per spin, most players cannot.  It is vitally important to remember that the key element in all casino gaming is FUN.  So, you need to decide how much you can budget toward gaming in the same way you budget for every fun activity you engage in.

Casino gaming is an aspect of your overall entertainment budget.  Entertainment by definition is fun and enjoyable.  No one evet describes a visit to the dentist as “entertaining”!  But a few minutes or longer of fun pokies spinning is very definitely a form of entertainment.

Encouraging Wonderment

One of the best aspects of pokies is that modern video pokies all have a theme.  Since the games are all available at your fingertips, you can experiment with many different themed pokies games, and we urge everyone to do so.

This is something that players avoid doing at a land based casino for the simple reason that to go to a different pokies game risks losing your seat at the game you most like playing.  At Springbok that never happens!  You can play any number of pokies and all other casino games and you’ll never lose your seat!

By trying out many different pokies games, you’ll expand your imagination into realms you might never have approached otherwise.  This is a very simple, subtle, and effortless way to develop a healthy sense of wonderment.  When you do so, you’ll find that the same sense of wonderment accompanies you on your daily routines.

Believe it or not, a great book from the 1970’s spoke about this very thing in a different context.  The book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pirsig speaks about the need to see “quality” in all things especially in those things that might otherwise cause boredom.

So, playing pokies in this expanded format will help you train yourself to see wonderment in everyday things and events.


Many pokies players choose to play progressive pokies because the lucky payout for hitting the big jackpot is very large, often in seven figures!  Once again, we encourage you to play within your means.  We offer many progressive pokies and you have to make the maximum bet in order to qualify to win the maximum prize.

If that bet is well within your gaming budget, by all means go for it.  Otherwise, we might suggest playing a non-progressive game since the overall volatility of non-progressive pokies is lower than the volatility of progressive pokies.

In other words, if the fun aspect is spinning for winning the big prize and your budget allows it, then playing progressive pokies is a great way to have fun.   If the fun aspect for you is just letting your imagination fly across continents, centuries, and cyberspace, then there are hundreds of other pokies to play.


A lot of gamers like to enter our vast array of pokies tournaments.  We set up each tournament to maximize the fun of playing pokies.  At the present time, in order to participate in our pokies tournaments, you have to download the casino to your hard drive.  So be sure that you have enough space on your hard drive for the casino, your pictures, music, and other downloads including, perhaps, some work product.

Mobile Gaming

More and more online casino gaming is done on mobile devices.  Pokies are a perfect game to play in short, delightful spurts as you wait in a queue or otherwise have a few spare minutes to play. 

Many gamers also enjoy playing every other game we have on offer at Springbok yet the majority of mobile games played are pokies, especially for Aussie gamers.  This aspect of pokies gaming relates directly to the speed with which pokies can be played.  The synergy of fast moving pokies with the often short time frame available for mobile gaming is a perfect prescription for happy gaming that never gets out of hand.

Even when you arrive home and curl up on a soft chair or sofa to play pokies on your mobile device, the relaxation of the games combines with the comfort of the chair or sofa to create a perfect gaming experience for many gamers.

The Great Flexibility of Pokies

Whichever game you like playing most of all, pokies have a place in your lineup of casino games.  Many pokies players will choose to play some blackjack or video poker as a more “mindful” change of pace.  Still, pokies are far from mindless.  They encourage wild flights of imagination as you visualize yourself in ancient Rome or Greece, flying high above the Earth on a spacecraft, plumbing the depths of the ocean or the great heights of the highest mountains, or just lolling on a beach somewhere.

The Great Creativity of Pokies

Just as pokies thrill us with their ability to expand our imagination, we also thrill at the creative genius behind each pokies game.  The many different ways pokies find to help us win, such as wild symbols, free spins, cascading reels, multipliers, retriggering free spins, and many, many more ways to win, are a major part of the eternal attraction of pokies.  Springbok casino brings out at least one new pokies game every month from our games provider Real Time Gaming.

So, we wish you happy pokies gaming and happy gaming in general here at Springbok online casino!