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There’s no doubt the world is slap bang in the middle of a lethal pandemic.  Even Africa, which managed to evade the worst of the contagion for quite some time, has not been spared.

As we speak, the tentacles of the dreaded SARS CoV-2 coronavirus are spreading throughout the continent.  For many of us that means social distancing and more hours of real money fun at Springbok Online Casino South Africa

For the rest of us, it means dodging the proverbial bullet of ridiculously close quarters – and overstretched and under-funded public transport…

As with all major events, the so-called Covid-19 strain of the virus has spawned a slew of can we say ‘creative’ conspiracy theories and myths?  Many of these untruths have been given serious legs due the public’s unmitigated enthusiasm for social media.

Whether it is the beginning of the biblical Armageddon, an intentionally developed bioweapon or a beer virus imported from Mexico, there is a whole lot of far-fetched balderdash doing the rounds!

Here are a few of the juicier stories relating to the coronavirus.  Some are frankly stupid while others have a ring to truth to them.  All offer the perfect break to simply enjoy your time at the best online casino South Africa as we quarantine ourselves to prevent potential spreading of the disease.

A Trumpian or Xi Jinping Developed Weapon of War 

The more radical among us, especially those with a nationalist Republican bent, believe that covid-19 is a deadly man-made virus intentionally weaponised to take out the elderly and infirm.

It was developed alternatively in Washington or Beijing – depending on which ‘side’ of the trade war you support.  Some of the theorists believe it was also conceived to destroy global markets and set up a new world order led by the fools already in charge of the western, or eastern, world.

Just imagine another decade of Donald Trump, Boris Johnson and Vlad the Impaler Putin?  It’s enough to turn all of us into beer-holics… Corona beer virus and all!

Toss in a few RTG casino games at the number one online casino South Africa, and it will be happy days for everyone who managed to survive covid-19… and the abysmal nationalist politics of the equally abysmal world politicians!

The End of the World as We Know It! 

Then there are the extreme religious Christian fundamentalists who are convinced that the coronavirus is the precursor to the end of the world.  These believers are pulling out the Good Book and pointing to the Book of Revelations, more specifically verses 15 and 16, to support their beliefs and theories.

What do the verses signify right now in the 21st century?

Well, they speak of seven angels with seven plagues and refer to – wait for it – the seven bowls of God’s wrath that are poured on the land, in the sea, on the sun, in the Euphrates river and in the air causing plague-infused devastation of one and all.

Quite which ‘bowl’ refers to the coronavirus is anyone’s guess but hey, we guess it is best to stay on the right side of history by behaving nicely - and playing real money games at the online casino South Africa instead.

God’s Punishment of the West 

Another real humdinger emanates from neighbouring Zimbabwe.  According to a senior politician in the country, the coronavirus is God’s way of punishing the USA and Europe for imposing sanctions on the political elite.

That is pretty rich coming from a representative of a governing party that not only actively stole the country but perpetrated human rights abuses of the worsts kind against its own people.

No God I know would support the likes of former present Robert Mugabe or his predecessor Emmerson Mnangagwa, both of whom presided over the Gukurahundi massacres that left thousands of dead Ndebele citizens in its wake.

Do they seriously think the virus won’t explode in a country that has a dysfunctional healthcare system, dilapidated hospitals, and insufficient money to pay healthcare workers?  Come on, get real.

Enough of that, rather visit the best online casino South Africa… who knows, there may just be enough money in winnings to sort out Zimbabwe’s lopsided GDP.

A Beer Coronavirus with a Sting in the ‘Poto’ 

Then there is the rumour that the Mexican heritage beer, best enjoyed with a slice of lime and directly out of the bottle, is the cause of the coronavirus.

Apparently, Americans are so convinced of the origins of the virus that almost 40 percent of survey respondents said they would not drink the delicious golden ale under any circumstances!

In truth, it is more a case of Trump’s misguided ‘America First’ policy, with a wee bit of Mexican border wall thrown in.  If the Americans want Budweiser over Corona, we can but only feel pity for them!

That leaves us Saffers with countless cases of Corona beer to quaff down with glee as we load Springbok Online Casino South Africa onto our PC or mobile phone!

Washing Hands in Vodka Kills Covid-19 

Last but not least, there is a sneaky story doing the rounds that you can use vodka as a highly efficient home-made hand sanitiser.  Stolichnaya, Wyborowa and Grey Goose vodka may be the liquid of the gods but they don’t have nearly enough firepower to obliterate covid-19.

The truth of the matter is you need a spirit with at least a 60 percent alcohol content to do the trick and that means importing a bottle or two of Devil Springs, Balkan or Pincer Vodka that have ABVs of 80 percent, 88 percent and 88.8 percent respectively.

An equally effective alternative is Sunset White Rum or Absinthe that tip the scales at 84,5 percent and 85 percent a tot but hey, I would much rather sip the sensationally smooth tipple instead and enjoy playing RTG games at the best-ever online casino South Africa with a happy hallucination flitting through my head!

The coronavirus is not to be taken lightly, so do the right thing and protect yourself and your family.  We want you all to survive and flourish!  So… be sure to self-isolate when things get tough.

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