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It wasn’t that long ago that floating casinos were all the rage.  From Illinois to Buenos Aires and Macau, sturdy sea going vessels were retrofitted to look like Mississippi riverboats and Chinese shrines.

It wasn’t worshippers or travellers who hobnobbed onboard – it was gamblers searching for the lucky draw.  Now with the advent of the mobile casino South Africa, floating casinos have, well, floated away with the outgoing tide!

In memory of the gracious old ladies that appeased the hunger for blackjack, baccarat, roulette and slots – not on terra firma but on the genteel swell of the Mississippi river or the high seas – here is a brief overview of the most famous floating casinos that float no more:

Macau Palace  

Once the icon of the so-called Monte Carlo of the Orient, the Macau Palace was a three-story gambling shrine permanently parked in the ancient port.  Along with its exotic Chinese architecture the casino featured green and white balustrades finished with large symbols depicting the spades on playing cards.

What really elevated the Macau Palace to global notoriety was its setting in the opening scenes of the James Bond movie The Man with the Golden Gun!

In its heyday the second deck of the Macau Palace was laid out with an array of tables offering dai-siu, sic bo, blackjack and baccarat.  Next door, slot machines stood cheek to Jowell to provide the requisite jingle jangle synonymous with real money gaming.

Bars, restaurants and leisure areas took up a fair share of the space, leaving gamblers fighting over limited positions at the low stakes tables.  Now that is a problem that never arises at Springbok Mobile Casino South Africa… despite its diminutive pocket-sized dimensions!

Mississippi Belle II 

Custom built to resemble an authentic Mississippi riverboat at a cost of $14 million, the Mississippi Belle II had all the makings of a gambler’s palace and paradise.

Standing at more than 20 metres in height and featuring a 983 square meter floor area, the Iowa-based beauty boasted 14 tables and more than 500 slot machines.

She was docked on the river at the city of Clinton and for 14 years was the go-to destination for gamblers who enjoyed an eclectic array of casino games as the Mississippi River slowly burbled on by.

What became of the genteel old craft?  She was remodelled into an elegant dining establishment and relocated at great cost to her new home in Philadelphia.

Unlike our mobile casino South Africa that is fully functional anywhere, the revamped Mississippi Belle II had to paddle down the Mississippi, into the Gulf of Mexico, around Florida and up the East Coast to Philly to begin her new life!

The Star of Fortune  

Fashioned as an old riverboat, the Estrella de la Fortune was parked in the Puerto Madero in Buenos Aires.  She was four stories of unadulterated fun and a floating side-kick of the land-based Casino Buenos Aires.

At the height of her alluring powers she was open around the clock and featured more than 700 slot machines and 150 tables offering all the usual casino games.

Now the old lady of BA sits rusting in a quiet area of the port, neglected and forgotten.  These days the ‘los jovenes’ in Argentina far prefer the equivalent of Springbok Mobile Casino South Africa as their anytime gambling tool!

Deltin Royale

Not all floating casinos have disappeared into the mists of time.  The rather plush and comparatively modern Deltin Royale is a super large landmark located offshore of Goa in India.

She is a 4,280 ton, 85-metre-long gambling behemoth with a gaming profile consisting of 123 tables, a massive selection of multiplier and progressive slots and dedicated gaming rooms for poker and Indian Flush.

At the gambling showpiece of India’s party capital there are even deluxe gaming suites where you can stay and play real money games in total privacy while sipping single malt and sucking on hand rolled cigars.

When you think that the average smartphone is around 5 inches long and weighs just 170 grams, then Springbok Mobile Casino South Africa punches well above its weight – not only in terms of the sheer volume of games but in terms of on-demand support services too!

Sunborn Superyacht Casino 

The new kid on the block – and it’s a pretty impressive one at that – is the seriously spectacular 5-star Sunborn Superyacht Casino.  She is moored in the Ocean Village Marina in Gibraltar and has the fabled Rock as a romantic backdrop.

Built at a cost of £120 million – that is the equivalent of R2,4 billion at today’s conversion rate – the Sunborn Superyacht Casino is 142 metres long, seven stories high and features 35 jackpot slots and seven gaming tables.

If you are prepared to pay around R6,000 a night, you too can experience the opulence and wow factor of the latest addition to the floating casino… but that is just the room rate, excluding your gaming sessions!

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