Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes – high-tech freebies that have changed your world, along with 3 WOW innovations!

At an online casino such as ours, innovation and creativity are out there for all to see.  Aside from the online casino games that you can play remotely from anywhere on the African continent – and beyond – you can deposit and withdraw ZAR in the blink of the eye.

Better still, you have the indubitable pleasure of using almost instantaneous capabilities to redeem an infinite selection of virtual casino bonus coupons, of which Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes are but one such example.

That is the kind of ingenuity that you will find at the online casino.  Now how about the high-tech shenanigans that have the very real potential to change the world?  Well, kind of!

Here are three great technological innovations that are guaranteed to get you sitting straight up in your chair… and we are not referring to our Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes here!

AirSelfies - Mini Drones with Airborne Auto-Shoot Capabilities 

AirSelfies are the latest iterations of self-flying baby drones that can snap you and your BFFs from high elevation airborne angles.  With wide-angle and up-above snap and shoot capabilities, no group of friends or frenemies is too big or too small.

What makes this little beauty a serious game changer is its extraordinary lightweight and petite dimensions. The latest in a line of Airselfies - the quaintly named Air Pix – is smaller, much smaller, than a standard model mobile phone.

It weighs in at just 46 grams – that is around the equivalent of two Duracell AA alkaline batteries.  You can safely say the Air Pix is a selfie-shooter with attitude but one that can easily slip into the back pocket of your tight-fitting skinny jeans… along with our smartphone-enabled online casino!

The diminutive aerial camera uses facial recognition technology to zoom right into your glamorous features and follows your every move.  When the drone is at the perfect height, a discrete hand signal activates the video or photo shoot functionalities.

With a snap of the fingers and a smile on the dial, you’ll have awesome imagery of yourself doing what you love doing best… with one or 100 bosom buddies added into the mix.

With the AirSelfie you have the option to fly the drone yourself or you can hit the auto-fly button and send the device – yapping and snapping – into aerospace.  It really is the most amazing way to capture those precious moments… with you front and centre of the constantly growing crowd!

So, if you have had your fill of free gaming at the online casino – thanks to an endless supply of Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes of course – it is time to head for the great outdoors with Air Pix and an entire menagerie of friends in tow.

NextMind Wearable Tech for Direct Brain Commands 

OK, so we have catalogued our super-large social group and now it’s time to dial into entertainment with a capital E.  That means unleashing Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Tom Clancy’s the Division 2 and Grand Theft Auto 5 onto Windows, Xbox or PlayStation 4.

It could also mean powering up the big screen LED TV for a taste of Trackers, The Plot Against America and Motherland: Fort Salem.  Whatever type of entertainment you choose, you will have to be ‘fluks’ with the fingers and quick with the brain-hand-eye co-ordination.

In the bad old days before NextMind stepped up to revolutionise things, that would mean handling the gaming console or TV remote like a long-lost friend.

Now, thanks to the French tech company’s mind-frazzling rendition of the sixth sense, you can control the characters in your single-shooter or change channels on the TV directly with your cerebral cortex - which to the dumb okes out there is part of the brain!

All you have to do is anoint your head with a Bluetooth headband, pair it with just about any digital interface and use your brain to control the connected device.  It is the most brain-direct body by-passing way of connecting to our wonderfully diverse digital world.

Just imagine how hands-free wearable tech like this can enrich the lives of people living with disabilities.  Who knows?  You may soon be able to claim the latest Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes simply by looking intently at the corresponding coupon code onscreen!

How does the Brain-to-Device Technology Work?  

Well according to the official website, the retinas in your eyes project an image to the visual part of the brain.  The electrodes in the headband then decode what object you are looking at and sends the real-time data back to a tiny computer in the headset.

In this way, you can switch TV channels, turn lights on and off and get your VR avatar to perform like a star.  When you consider a team of neuro-engineers are behind the innovation, it’s no wonder the concept is way above and beyond my understanding!

Virtual Visors for Maximised Vision on the Roads 

We all know that the glare off the windshield or bonnet of the car is a real bummer, especially when the sun is at a low elevation.  We also know that the conventional type of sun visor can severely hamper the driver’s vision.

Now a German electronics company has come up with the answer and it’s a translucent LCD visor that’s powered by artificial intelligence.  It’s a smart visor that uses a camera and facial recognition to identify where the sun falls over the driver’s face.

When the glare hits the eyes, the visor casts a shadow over just that small area of the face.  The virtual visor is a testament to technology as it combines the use of AI, facial recognition and algorithms to solve a problem that is known for causing thousands of road accidents.

Springbok Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes - High-Tech Freebies That Have Changed Your World! 

Our online casino may not have artificial intelligence, machine learning or Bluetooth enabled electrodes built-in.  It is, however, a smart remote platform that is purpose engineered for you to enjoy the best online casino games on your PC or phone.

Factor in our always rewarding Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes that you can redeem with just one click and our online casino is indeed one of the high-tech wonders that has changed the world.