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What are the last real tests of human endurance?  Enjoying online gamble real money on any device is now a daily activity, we’ve been to the Moon and back more than once – and inhabiting Mars is not only next on the agenda, but it even seems doable. 

As for the oceans that covers 70% of Earth – the deepest part of the ocean is no longer dark, gloomy and enigmatic.  Even Loch Ness holds few mysteries for us – other than enduring tales of what is probably a very large eel, rather than a remnant of our Jurassic past! 

Would You Bet on the People Who Thrive on Adversity?  

As a proponent of online gamble real money sessions, it is fair to say that we would happily bet on that rare breed of men and women who thrive on adversity.  It is after all their thrill-seeking nature that make the seemingly impossible, possible!

Who are these people who are prepared to risk everything in pursuit of adventure?  What are the last remaining conquests that challenge the human spirit beyond the realms of normality?  Here are three extreme endeavours that test human beings to the limit – and claim lives and limbs in the process:

Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race 

Spanning more than 1,600 km of Alaskan wilderness, where the chill factor has been known to reach -90 degrees Celsius, the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race is one of the most gruelling races on earth.  Solo mushers and their dogs have to survive Arctic blizzards, whiteout conditions and terrifying inclines and declines that drop hundreds of metres into narrow riverine gorges.

A Hazardous Trail from East to West 

The event follows the trail once used by native Alaskan Eskimos, Russian fur traders and gold miners on their way to exploit the Yukon Gold Rush.  It starts in Anchorage, traverses the Alaskan Range via the Rainy Pass and drops into the icy interior before following the Bering Sea to the city of Nome in West Alaska. 

Despite the passage of time, the well-used trail is especially hazardous in early March when the snow and ice is beginning to thaw.  Over the years, more than one team of dogs has fallen through the ice, dragging the musher and sled along with them.  Fortunately, there have been no human casualties but several dogs have met a grisly end or been airlifted to safety.

Fifteen Days in the Rough 

Although there are checkpoints and mandatory rest periods over the 15-day race, teams tend to camp rough on the trail.  Besides the inhospitable conditions, mushers have to contend with fallen trees and herds of moose that can prove especially dangerous when the dogs are travelling at high speed.  

Women Make Their Mark 

Along with toughened Alaskan outbackers, there have been one or two female contestants who have proved their mettle.  The most notable among the fairer gender was a mainland American, Susan Butcher, who won the event four times, three of which were back-to-back.  In online gamble real money terms, Butcher was the odds-on favourite to win… and win she did!

Vendee Globe Yacht Race 

The Vendee Globe is known as the ‘Everest of the Seas’.  It is a single-handed round-the-world yacht race held every four years.  What makes this race so extreme is the fact that it takes around three months to complete, during which time the skipper is completely alone.

No stop overs are permitted, repairs are carried out on the run, and if disaster strikes, the yachts are so remote and isolated that the usual land-based rescue missions are ineffective.  Competitors have to rely on the yachts closest to them to respond to mayday calls.

Navigating the Treacherous Southern Seas… Alone 

Along with the obvious mental and emotional challenges, skippers have to navigate through the notorious southern oceans where violent squalls, massive waves and freezing temperatures are common.  Whales, icebergs and partially sunken shipping containers are lethal hazards that add to the fear-factor.

The 40,075 km route starts in France in Autumn, descends into the Indian Ocean, skirting the African continent.  It passes the Cape of Good Hope and heads across the Pacific where it rounds Cape Leeuwin in Australia.  From there, the yachts pass the Cape Horn in Chile before heading back to France.

Low Probability of Finishing the Race 

Cast your eye down the Vendee Globe results for the respective years and you will notice how few yachts actually finish.  You will also get an idea of why the individual yachts were knocked out of contention – ran aground, broken boom, cracked hull, collision, capsized, de-masted and in the worst-case scenario, lost at sea!

The probability of actually finishing the race is low and that of course means the online gamble real money odds reflect that fact – unless of course you put your hard-earned cash on Michel Desjoyeaux, the only sailor to have won the race twice!

How many skippers have lost their lives in the Vendee Globe?  To date, only two sailors have perished at sea during the race – Nigel Burgess and Gerry Roufs.  A third competitor, Mike Plant went overboard near the Azores, on his way to the race.

Summiting Mount Everest  

Commercially guided expeditions have made Mount Everest more accessible but it is deadly, nonetheless. Despite the best efforts of Sherpas and guides, the number of climbers who perish on the mountain is alarmingly high.

Besides the constant danger of avalanches and ice falls, it is the extreme altitude of the 8,848-metre mountain that claims the most casualties.  It is also the increasing numbers of people who attempt to summit when there is a break in the weather who exacerbate the already trying conditions

For the 300 Dead, Everest is the Most Extreme 

For purists, Mount Everest is no longer the extreme adventure it once was in the glory days when Hilary and Mallory climbed unaided and without oxygen.  For the 300 mountaineers who have died attempting to summit Everest, it was the most extreme adventure of their lives – and one they will never be able to recount to family and friends.

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