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If you think online gamble real money has come a long way – check out the drones, bots and artificial intelligence driving the concept of smart warfare.  An era of high-tech combat-ready surveillance and reconnaissance weapons has begun, and the results are impressively frightening...

From Close Combat to Virtual Reality

In the early 21st century, conflict has shifted away from close combat into the realm of virtual reality.  Skirmishes are no longer personalised and they’re more the equivalent of anywhere instant gameplay on the online gamble real money platforms known as online casinos.

Are you ready for remote controlled battles, where devices are the key determinants over which side wins and which side loses?  Here are a few of the new-age weapons of war developed to support and protect ordinary soldiers.

1.  Ancillary Drone D40

The D40 is an agile, manoeuvrable and multi-tasking drone with awesome surveillance and attack capabilities.  When not loaded with one of several versatile payloads, the drone is approximately 13 cm long – that is 5 cm shorter than the average human hand!

Deployable by Hand or Via a Grenade Launcher

What makes this battle drone so effective is it can be launched with a M320 grenade launcher.  Once in the air, the drone morphs into a mini-copter with a manoeuvring flight time of up to 12 minutes.

In addition to the power launch, the drone is easily deployable by hand.  Payloads, which vary from armour-piercing warheads and high explosives to smoke and dazzlers, can be switched in the field depending upon battle conditions.

Live Streaming and Disruptive Tools

A full-motion electro-optical video camera feeds live images back to the operator via a tablet device, enabling around 20 minutes observation time… behind enemy lines, so to speak.  Electronic jammers, sensors and lasers can be fitted to the drone to jam enemy comms, disorient adversaries and identify and mark key targets.

Drone D40 Swarms with MSRI Capabilities

The drone can be used as a standalone stealth weapon or linked to several drones to form semi-autonomous drone swarms.  These swarms can deliver bruising attacks via orchestrated multiple round simultaneous impact (MRSI) capabilities.

What is MSRI?

MSRI is a smart battle strategy where individual drones are loaded with different payloads and deployed en-masse to create mayhem and confusion during the overhead attack.

When viewed in the context of the online gamble real money platforms, MSRI is like playing several RTG casino games simultaneously… and winning hands down but without the noise, dust and disruption of the battlefield!

2.  Modular Advanced Armed Robotic System (MAARS)

MAARS is a modular surveillance and reconnaissance bot which looks exactly like a miniature tank.  The battle-ready bot is armed to the teeth and officially known as an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV).

The military sure do love their acronyms.  Perhaps it is time to refer to Springbok Casino as the best OGRMP – and by that we obviously mean the best online gamble real money platform!  Now back to the weapons…

Remote-Controlled Weapons

A 400-round M240B machine gun is complemented by not one, but four M203 grenade launchers to create a formidable ‘wired warrior’ capable of doing serious damage.  MAARS uses AI to follow troops to and from the base.  The weapons, however, remain in the virtual hands of humans… for the time being, in any event.

Up to 12 Hours Battery Life


The battery powered robotic system has a range of up to 12 kilometres and is capable of providing support to troops for three to 12 hours at a time.  Besides the weapons, MAARS is kitted out with a host of devices, including a hostile fire detection system – and an acoustic microphone and powerful speaker system to enable communications on the ground.

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Advanced Computing Powers

What happens when MAARS is taken by the enemy?  The system is tamper-proof and only operates according to coded instructions delivered by the operator at the base.  When not in use, the bot can be put into sleep mode for up to a month at a time!

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3.  Tactical High Power Operational Responder (THOR)


It is evident unmanned military devices are now at the forefront of battle, in the same way our online gamble real money platform is at the forefront of remote gaming… and just as finding an effective defence against UGVs and hostile drone swarms is tactical and smart – signing up at Springbok Casino is a no-brainer!

Now, a strictly weapon-related question is: how is it possible to disable tens – or even hundreds – of pre-programmed semi-autonomous flying bots kitted out with a range of weapons and tools… at the same time?

Drones’ Electronics Systems in the Crosshairs

Enter THOR, an electromagnetic defence system capable of attacking drones at their very core.  How do any devices operate?  Via complex electronic systems that are effectively the equivalent of their brains.

By hitting the swarm with a high-powered microwave, THOR simultaneously disrupts the drones’ ability to function.  The result?  They veer off course, fall out of the sky – or simply blow up.  All this obliteration happens silently and in less than a nano-second.

What Does THOR Look Like?

Truth be told, THOR does not look like a weapon at all.  To the untrained eye, it looks a bit like a large DSTV satellite dish attached to a shipping container.   Why a shipping container?  It is large enough to accommodate the weapons system and can easily be moved from site to site by ship, military aircraft and flatbed truck.

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