We not be as well-adapted as animals but we can play the best online casino games at Springbok Casino… and they can’t!

Why are we such big fans of animals at the best online casino?  Besides the fact they feature prominently in our games – particularly slots – at Springbok Casino, animals are so well adapted to our planet… they leave us lot in the evolutionary dust.

Transitioning from Australopithecus to Homo Sapiens

Over the millennia, we know our species has made a pretty remarkable transition.  All things considered, we are way more sophisticated than Australopithecus, and taller and more fulsome than Homo erectus.

Our noses have become more aquiline, our foreheads narrower and less pronounced – and we no longer have to shave vigorously from head to toe!  That is Homo sapiens for you…  Constantly evolving to a bigger and more analytical brain – but little else in the way of camouflage, strength or innate anatomical abilities.

We Can Do Anything… but Don’t Count on Natural Endowments

We can fly to the Moon, climb Mount Everest, deep dive the Marianas Trench and play real money casino games 24/7 at Springbok Casino – the best online casino in terms of software, bonuses, awards and player ratings.

What we can’t do is snort up enough water to fill up a 5-litre demijohn at earth shattering speeds or share our love and resources with little ones who are not our own.  We’re not physically able to blend into the surrounding environment, nor do we feature built-in make-up to reflect solar rays.  That’s been left to our bestial brothers and sisters – and, wow, their abilities are mind-blowing!

Can we learn how to be better – better parents, better carers, and more fitting inhabitants of our beautiful planet – by observing our winged, feathered and furry brethren?  You bet we can… and here is a snapshot of why animals matter… to us and to the greater universe.

Mothering Like a Mongoose

When you consider that the next human conflicts are most likely going to be over resources – like food, water and land – the following extraordinary story may just show us how to deal with our future challenges.

In order to cut out favouritism and ensure equal distribution of food, love and caring, all female mongooses in the same mob give birth on precisely the same night.  It is a noisy and messy mass evacuation of pups, all of which get bundled together into one big happy family.

Collective Child Caring for Mongoose Pups

The mums don’t differentiate their natural offspring from the rest of the tiny striped squealers.  All are suckled, tickled, groomed and touted around by all the mamas… and a few designated male escorts in the extended mongoose gang.

What is even more remarkable is the smallest pups, the runts of the communal litter, are singled out and nurtured more than their plump, pudgy and well-fed siblings!  Isn’t that a truly heart-warming story… and one we should all embrace?

If we are willing to share office space, vacation space and the chance of winning a network funded progressive jackpot at the best online casino, then surely we can share our resources with each other?

Transparent Butterflies with Wings Like Fairies


What is the easiest way to avoid detection?  By not being seen at all.  Ask the ‘Invisible Man’ – the optics obsessed scientist who baffled everyone with his ability to melt right away.  That, of course, is fiction and does not really happen at all… or does it?

In the lush tropical jungles of Peru and Colombia, there is a clever little creature that has mastered the art of partial transparency.  It is a Glasswing butterfly, a flying insect with transparent wings that look very much like those found on fictional fairies, like Wendy in Peter Pan!

Unlike the riotously coloured butterflies you can match for payline wins in Enchanted Garden and Stardust slots at the best online casino, these tiny fellas are so camouflaged that they hide from predators in plain sight.

The Science Behind Translucent Butterfly Wings

Why are the wings of this particular butterfly see-through?  It has to do with the structure and spacing of the scales on the wings.  In normal circumstances, the scales on butterfly wings are flat and overlapping like the scales on a reptile.

In Glasswing butterflies, the scales are fine hair-like appendages that are distributed relatively far apart.  Just this anatomical difference makes the clear wing membrane lying beneath the scales only 2% visible to the naked eye.

What is more, the glass-like membrane is covered in minute waxy bumps which reduce the glare and enable the insect to blend right into any background.  Now that is what we call magic!

It is Butterflies to Birds at Springbok Casino

From invisible butterflies – to falcons with dusky eye feathers that adapt in colour to surrounding environments.  That is next on the agenda at the best online casino.  You Know, the one with a wild animal as its brand icon.  If you are still not sure what we are referring to, it is Springbok Casino, of course!


Falcons With Intensifying Eye Make-Up

Peregrine falcons are beautiful raptors and highly specialised predators that take their prey in the air.  They are also indigenous to most areas of the Earth, with the exception of the Arctic regions.

Along with cheetahs, American quarterbacks and a host of other predatory birds, Peregrine falcons have distinctive black markings beneath their eyes.

A Built-In Habitat-Adjusting Light Reflective Tool

We know the dark colouring reflects light and prevents it from obstructing the raptor’s vision.  What is less well-known is the fact the dark plumage is larger and sootier on falcons living in areas with more sunlight.

Rather than only having a splash of eyeliner, Peregrines detected in places like Africa and Central Asia have eye liner, mascara and a fair dollop of ‘eye black’.  They require intensified make-up for two reasons – to maximise contrast sensitivity and to support their eagle-eyed ability to identify and capture fast-flying prey in a sun-emblazoned sky!

Suck It Up… At 540 kph If You’re an Elephant!

How does an elephant keep its huge bulk well hydrated?  By sucking up water at a flow rate of 3.7 litres per second.  To put that into perspective, it is the equivalent flow of more than 20 showers cascading simultaneously onto your head.

How is that even possible?  Studies have revealed that each nostril has the capacity to stretch by about two thirds its normal size.  The enlarged sucking area creates an estimated air flow of around 155 metres per second… or a whopping 540 kilometres an hour!

Suction at an Air Flow Rate 30 Times Faster Than a Sneeze!

How do you quantify that in terms we can all understand?  When you consider the airflow expelled during a human sneeze moves at a velocity of around 16 kilometres per hour, then elephants are capable of sucking up water, or food, about 30 times faster than that!

One wonders what the measurable statistics are when an elephant sneezes…  Hard hats and umbrellas, anyone?

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We may not be that finely attuned to our natural habitat but we do have superior intelligence.  You won’t find mongooses, butterflies, falcons or elephants playing the best online casino games on their PCs or phones.

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