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As you are no doubt aware, the number seven is well represented at our mobile casino South Africa.  Whether it happens to be a lucky 7 depends entirely upon how the slot reels perform on any given day.  What is it with the number 7?  Let us help you find out!

The Number Seven is Omnipresent… Everywhere!

It is not only Springbok Casino slots which are heavily imbued with sevens.  The numeral features prominently in just about every aspect of our lives.

What is all the fuss about the odd prime number?  Does it have some sort of secret power?  Or is it simply the gold standard of numerals because of what it denotes?  Before we get into why lucky 7s are lucky – if they indeed are – let us remind you of why seven is so significant.

From Astrology to Numerology

Seven is a number that crops up in astrology, mythology and geography.  It is also a numeral which describes our best and worst attributes as human beings.

In numerology, the number seven symbolises our enduring need to connect on a spiritual level.  People born on the seventh of the month are said to be private, introspective, somewhat distant and a tad reclusive.  That in itself says something about the mystique of the number.

Seven Deadly Sins and the Seventh ‘Ghost’ Month

In its worst iteration, seven represents our deadly sins – greed, lust, envy, avarice, pride, sloth, gluttony and wrath.  In the Far East, the seventh month is Ghost Month.  It is traditionally a time when the spectres of people who met a violent and excruciating painful death, smash through the gates of hell to walk among us.  Scary stuff!

That is the flipside of the lucky 7s that have seduced gamblers over the decades.  They are the wicked siblings of the symbols that have the potential to make players at Springbok Casino a little bit better off and all the more entertained!

The Number Seven in Ancient Times

The ancients were just as enamoured by the number seven as we are.  They identified and used the seven metals of antiquity to create tools, weapons, statues, currency and iconography.  Gold, silver, iron, lead, copper, tin and mercury were already high-value ‘investment assets’ way back in prehistory.

Our ancient predecessors constructed the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World… although in their time, they were considered ground-breaking, cutting edge and exceedingly modern.  Quite how they built these extraordinary monuments to human endeavour is still hotly debated by academics across the world.

The Original Seven Wonders – Only One Remains

What are these original seven wonders?  The Lighthouse of Alexandria, Colossus of Rhodes, statue of Zeus, Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, Temple of Artemis and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon – all of which have sadly disappeared.  Only the Great Pyramid of Giza remains to this day!

Seven Seas to Seven Summits

Seven denotes the days in the week, the colours in the rainbow, the continents and the seven seas.  It represents the seven summits all experienced climbers strive to conquer over a lifetime or, in some extreme cases, in a single year – Mont Blanc, Vinson, Elbrus, Kilimanjaro, Denali, Aconcagua and Everest.

Look Up and There are Sevens Aplenty!

When we look up at the night sky, we can see seven ‘planets’ with the naked eye – Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, the Moon and the Sun.

There are seven stars in the Orion Constellation and Seven Sisters in the Pleiades, all named after goddesses in Greek mythology – Sterope, Merope, Electra, Maia, Taygeta, Celaeno and Alcyone.

Even the Big Dipper is a collection of the seven brightest stars of Ursa Major constellation – a confab of dazzling celestial bodies commonly known as the Great Bear!

Seven Human Senses


We have touched on the seven deadly sins, now to our seven senses – touch, taste, smell, sight, hearing, movement and body position.  Seven is a numeral with infinite representations… right here at the number one mobile Casino South Africa, across our planet, and deep into the cosmos.

Seven is Central to Multiple Online Casino Games

Besides its recurring role as a classic slots symbol on remote gaming platforms like Springbok Casino, seven is a big deal in craps.  When you roll a seven, you can either win or lose the chance to shoot the dice beyond the come-out roll!

There is Seven Card Stud, a popular version of Stud Poker that comes in a wide array of variants like Razz, Acey-Deucey, Mississippi and Roll Your Own.  Then, of course, there is Sevens Wild, a super-hot variation of Jacks or Better video poker with three big paying bonus wins – 4 sevens, wild royal flush with sevens and five of a kind!

Are the Sevens Lucky in Springbok Casino Slots?

Last but by no means least, there are Real Time Gaming (RTG) developed online and mobile slots with the number seven at the very core.  Are the sevens in slots extra hot at the best mobile casino South Africa?  Let us have a look-see.

  • In 777 Online Slot, triple sevens are the highest paying combination in the game.  They generate 100 x the stake.  There is a hold feature to help you achieve, what can only be referred to, as a lucky sevens scenario… but you do have to practice patience.  Why?  There is only one payline to capture the payout permutations and sevens are as rare as the odds suggest!
  • Nova 7s Video Slot has a pair of sevens, dressed in red and blue, which really can turn your fortunes around.  The red seven is wild.  It can expand to fill the reel and multiply prizes by a whopping 7 x.  The blue seven is a scatter.  It pays up to 77 x the stake and activates free games with a host of seven-infused bonus features.  Yup, sevens are seriously lucky in this 25 payline Springbok Casino slot.
  • Wild Fire 7s Mobile Slot features a clutch of seven symbols, all of which deliver eye watering payouts.  Hit Wild Fire, blue or purple sevens across all three reels and you will bank 500 x, 250 x and 100 x the stake, respectively.  This innovative addition to the mobile casino South Africa has a fourth reel capable of delivering prize multipliers, instant jackpots and free games.  Are sevens lucky in Wild Fire 7s?  You bet ’cha!

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