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Would you put your online gamble real money wallet on living forever?  Your gut reaction is probably ‘not a chance’.  Here is a thought though...  Depending on how you define immortality, the odds are not as long as the wager suggests!

Huge Strides Have Been Made in Extending Life

Great leaps in medicine, science and technology have already had a dramatic effect on human life extension.  More and more people are living longer and healthier lives than ever before.  The average life expectancy in 1900 was 47, where the current global average is 77 – and much higher in some countries.

Life expectancy is already on an upward trajectory… If futurists are correct in their predictions, many of us may still be playing online gamble real money games at the advanced age of 120 years, or even 150 years.  We bet Springbok Casino will still be around to cater for future gaming sessions too!

Is Human Immortality Within Our Grasp?

If the entire concept sound outlandish and farfetched, consider that animals like tortoises, certain whale species and clams have been known to live for around 200 to 500 years!  This surely means that there is hope for us humans, right?

The answer is yes and no.  Yes, because there are promising new developments that may well power us through the years… On the other hand, no, because in its current form, the human body simply isn’t resilient enough to last hundreds or more years.

The Human Body Is Not Built for the Long Run

The problem is, over our evolutionary journey we have effectively exchanged immortality for enhanced structural complexity.  Rather than displaying the remarkable capabilities of jellyfish, sponges, coral and hydra – capabilities that allow them to consistently produce fresh new cells and discard old ones – we have opted for cell differentiation.

Where jellyfish consist of only stem cells, we are made up of a legion of differentiated cells, all with specific functions.  Functions like transporting oxygen in the blood, transmitting information to and from the brain, and fighting disease.  That, of course, makes us who we are, but also prevents us from regrowing and rejuvenating our bodies on-demand… and living forever, as a result.

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The Key is Human Organ Maintenance

That does not mean immortality is forever out of our grasp.  Death and aging are directly linked to the cells in our body.  As our cells age, we age.  When lots of cells die, especially in our vital organs, so do we.  By keeping our organs young and healthy, we can extend life.

How Regenerative Medicine and 3D Printing are Upping the Ante in Aging

How do we ensure our organs are always in great shape?  We swop them out for new ones… and that is where regenerative medicine and 3D printing are working together to achieve extraordinary results!

We may not be able to 3D print online gamble real money winnings – but doctors are having great success with 3D printed replacement organs, grown from the patients’ stem cells. Just think…  In the very near future, it will be possible to replace tired or smoke damaged lungs, a worn out or diseased heart, or a liver that is not functioning as it should, without the risk of organ rejection.

Instant Organ Replacement Without the Risk of Rejection

Why no organ rejection?  Well, firstly, the organ will consist of the patient’s own cells.  Secondly, it will be 3D printed as a precise replica of the old, damaged organ.  In essence, it will be like switching out an OEM vehicle part with another to achieve the perfect fit!

Although organ replacement is not the key to immortality, it can and does extend human life… much like the best RTG online gamble real money games extend gaming sessions at Springbok Casino!

Can Nanotechnology Enable Technical Immortality?

In addition to 3D printing, nanotechnology is tipped as a possible anti-aging solution.  If all goes according to plan, really tiny nanotech machines may soon be coursing around our bodies, sniffing out and repairing physiological impairments as they go.

Right now, the focus of nanotech is on excising cancerous cells and detecting and treating diseases like Alzheimer’s and diabetes.  Using the same nanotechnology, it is entirely possible that biological aging may effectively be eliminated… and that of course means technical immortality!

That’s it as far as extending human life goes and allowing people to live longer, in their physical bodies, but there is more…  If our bodies aren’t biologically built to go the extra mile – or hundreds of years – what then?

Virtual Immortality Involves the Human Brain and Robotic Body

How about virtual immortality?  That is an area of research that is evolving at an alarming pace.   The central premise of virtual immortality is if the human body can’t last, why not transfer the contents of the mind and brain to a robot or computer?   That way, immortality is guaranteed.

The next obvious step – if you are a futurist – is to upload the human identify, aka the human mind, to the cloud.  There, it can hang out with like ‘individual’s’ until bodily functionality is required, at which point the identity is downloaded to a humanoid robot.

Brain-computer Interfaces are Already Here

This all sounds very far-fetched and sci-fi, but truth is, we’re not that far off from achieving this feat.  Smart people like Elon Musk and Neuralink, his provocative startup, are already developing brain-computer interfaces (BCI).  These ‘neural exchanges’ effectively allow the contents of an individual’s brain to operate a robotic body.

As advances such as these mature and evolve, so do the odds of achieving human immortality – albeit virtual immortality – shorten dramatically.  The question though, would you want to ‘live’ in a robotic body?  We bet no two answers to the question will be the same!

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