Get rewards in 2022 – beat the budget blues with eBucks, free fuel, free coffee & Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes!

Soaring inflation is heaping pressure onto cash-strapped South Africans.  During times like these, freebies like Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes are more valuable than ever.  Here are 4 rewards programmes that can help you make ends meet and have a bit of money to spare!

Inclusive Springbok Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes & More

Before we get into some of the best loyalty rewards programmes in South Africa, know that everyone can benefit.  Whether it is cashback at Clicks and Dischem, discounts with Checkers Xtra Savings, or the host of benefits that derive from our Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes, anyone can sign up and cash in.

Signs of a Good Loyalty Programme

Right.  Now, what are the best rewards programmes?  They are loyalty systems that are simple, don’t require reams of personal information and are not masquerading as marketing ploys.  They offer genuine perks that can be used in-house or across a network of partners.

Some of the top branded giveaways are points based.  That said, they offer a higher than average conversion rate.  There is nothing snoep about the likes of FNB’s eBucks, Seattle Coffee Co’s ‘buy 10 get one free deal’ or our very own Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes.

If you want to maintain some semblance of the good life, you will want to do the things you have always done. If embarking on a road trip to somewhere wild and beautiful or gaming at Springbok Online Casino floats your boat, we’ve got it covered.

Similarly, if you are a seasoned shopper, traveller and digital communicator, no sweat Sherlock.  There is a way to beat the budget blues.  Last but not least, there is a swell incentive for caffeine junkies.  If a grande butterscotch latte or caffe mocha with all the trimmings is your wont, it is yours… on the house!

Here are four loyalty programmes in South Africa that are rated better than all the rest... but first, a disclaimer.  There is no conflict of interest with Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes featuring on our top 4 list.  As you will soon see, the facts speak for themselves!

Shell V+ Rewards

With the price of a litre of 95 octane petrol increasing by a whopping 34% year-on-year, fuel is a key driver of inflation.  One way to reduce the cost is to sign up for a V+ Rewards card at Shell.  It is a straightforward programme where motorists earn 15 cents per litre.

Accumulated cash rewards are automatically added to your rewards balance on that card.  Tracking what you have got to spend at the pump or in-store is as easy as checking the official website, calling a help desk, scanning the QR code at the back of the card or via USSD.

In addition to getting cash for every litre, you can earn 0.5% on selected items purchased in-store.  How do you get your share of sponsored fuel?  You request a V+ Rewards Card at a participating Shell service station and register it online.  It is as easy as that.

Shell offers 15 cents per litre.  One of our flagship Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes unlocks R250 in free credits!

Seattle Coffee Co’s Loyalty Programme

Seattle Coffee Company operates an easy-peasy loyalty program that gives you one free beverage for every 10 bought.  You do not have to register, pay a membership fee or add another card to your overburdened wallet.  All you have to do is select a 10-digit number.

Every time you purchase a coffee, you enter your unique number on a dedicated keypad at the point of sale.  Once you have hit the 10-beverage mark, you get one of anything on the menu for free.  What that in effect means is this…

You can pay for short Americanos – but choose a giant-size cappuccino, latte or anything else your fancy as a reward.  You can bank your free coffees and cash them in, one by one, at the end of each month!  The rewards data at the bottom of each till slip reveals how close you are to complementary caffeine.

Springbok Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

Loyal patrons at Springbok Online Casino are consistently rewarded with perks, incentives and bonuses.  Besides a free cash bonus that can be used to sample the Real Time Gaming (RTG) developed online casino games and the gaming software that powers the casino, there is a never-ending stream of freebies.

Bets release comp points at a rate of R10 to one.  Players can win a share of tournament prize pools of R4,000 or more, often without having to pay a buy-in at all.  Then there are regular gratuities like loyalty bonuses, VIP bonuses and birthday bonuses, all of which fall squarely under our Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes.

As with most of our top 4 rewards programmes, no membership fee or monthly subscription fee is levied to unlock an infinite number of rewards.  Becoming a beneficiary of our Springbok casino no deposit bonus codes is automatic – although you do have to enter the corresponding codes at the cashier.

FNB eBucks Rewards Programme

When you bank with First National Bank or Rand Merchant Private Bank, you can earn eBucks just like that.  In fact, for every R1 you spend at 30 plus online and retail partners, you earn one eBucks in return.  What is more, the participating partners like Takealot, Clicks, Superbalist, Edgars and Checkers accept eBucks as real ZAR to complete your purchases.

When you use your bank card to refuel your car at an Engen garage, you can earn up to R8 per litre in eBucks rewards.  With the FNB eBucks rewards, you can book airline tickets, travel packages, and hire a car.  You can even get up to 40% back in eBucks on your Spotify and Netflix subscriptions!

Whether you sign up for free fuel, qualify for eBucks rewards or play your way to an endless stream of Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes, one thing is for sure.  At the end of the day, the rands and cents you earn from loyalty rewards programmes add up big time.  Having a few worthwhile rewards at your disposal is a must-have in 2022!

Sign Up at Springbok Casino & Make the Most Out of the Freebies Out There

Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes and the loyalty rewards mentioned above are basically the equivalent of ‘couponing’ in countries like the United States.  The only difference is that it is much easier to get the rewards – and you don’t have to go the extremes as seen in “Extreme Couponing”.

The only thing you need to do is to sign up for the rewards programme at the stores you frequent most often and the rest will happen automatically.  In the case of our Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes, that means signing up at our casino!