About ‘Stray’ and how cats are multi-media stars – from memes to online slots real money South Africa games!

As the best online slots real money South Africa casino, gaming is our thing.  That is why we like to keep track of what’s happening on the video gaming front.  One runaway success is Stray, a cat-themed puzzle game set in a dark urban underbelly…

Cats Rock – From Memes to Characters in Online Slots Real Money South Africa

Human fascination with cats is at an all-time high.  They are the leading characters in memes, movies and our very own online slots real money South Africa games.  You now have the opportunity to think, act and feel like a feline!

In Stray, your mission is to navigate through a long forgotten cybercity, unlocking puzzles and mysteries along the way.  That is pretty much standard gameplay in all puzzle games.  The question is, what makes Stray universally appealing?

Yup, the cat theme is an obvious drawcard.  According to rough estimates, there are more than 10 billion images of domesticated pets on the internet.  It is one of the most searched-for terms, ever and according to CNBC, cat videos and binge TV watching account for 84 percent of Internet traffic!

If you think that is remarkable, how about this.  Videos featuring felines have smashed all records, attracting close on 35 billion views on YouTube alone!  That is just the impact of the cuddly be-whiskered creatures on the World Wide Web.

Shift across to comic books and cartoon strips and cats are ubiquitous.  Characters like Garfield, Hairball, Fat Freddy’s Cat and Streaky the Supercat are legendary.  As for the Hollywood hit list, well there are a plethora of movies with memorable kitty cat castes.

From Mister Bigglesworth in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery to Mrs Norris in the Harry Potter series, the crafty little beasts have become integral to feature films.  Even movies like the Hunger Games have inserted an iconic cat into the storyline.  In this instance, the pussy protagonist goes by the name of Buttercup!

From memes to movies, our furry friends are omnipresent.  One of the more recent online slots releases at Springbok Casino has a feline called Copy Cat as the title character.  This particular mouser is embedded in a high hit frequency online slots real money South Africa game.

In this gaming iteration, where rands and cents are at stake, Copy Cat is a wild card.  He or she can appear stacked on the reels to generate lucrative cash prizes.  Now that is what is known as a feline financier… and you could be the beneficiary of a fair share of the largesse!

Awesome Graphics and Animation

Stray has undoubtedly tapped into the cross-media cat craze.  That said, it is not the only reason why the video game is getting rave reviews.  It is the high-tech artistry that steals the show.

The moment the game opens, you are transported to a crumbling cybercity.  It is dark, derelict and filled with mysterious inhabitants.  As you progress through the grungy gaming environment, as the kitty cat avatar, of course, you will encounter aging automatons, dark little creatures with luminous red eyes and a friendly drone called B12.

Everything, from the neon lights to the graffiti on the walls, creates a perfectly orchestrated gaming world.  This virtual environment is so well developed, it is not only believable – but evokes actual feelings of discomfort and fear.

Besides the awesome setting, game developers, Blue Twelve, have successfully captured the sleek and sinuous movements of a real-world cat.  The principal protagonist in the game is so believable, it is often difficult to separate reality from fantasy.

According to some reports, Stray has attracted a massive feline following.  Owners of cats all over the world are sharing images of their domesticated pets totally immersed in the action onscreen.  Some claim their furry friends have actually attempted to dive into the monitor!

Is Stray generating a genuine reaction from cats or are the reports nothing more than a clever marketing campaign?  We will probably never know the actual facts.  What we can say for sure is gamers everywhere will be blown away by the exquisite quality of the artwork.

Comparing Stray Video Game to Online Slots Real Money South Africa

How does Stray compare to cash games at the number one online slots real money South Africa casino?  In truth, the two gaming genres are too far apart to rate one over the other.  It is all about the user experience in the end – and both Stray and the slots at Springbok Casino deserve kudos!

The graphics, animations and gameplay may be slightly more sophisticated in the video game...  Yet having said that, the ability to bank real money playing our RTG online slots real money South Africa titles is a good leveller!  Why not compensate and enjoy double the fun on PS4 or PS5 and at Springbok Casino?

Fun Facts About Cats

As tabbies, gingers and tortoiseshells are so incredibly famous, it’s time to learn more about the species.   Contrary to conventional wisdom, cats are lactose intolerant.  They are also prone to allergies and respiratory diseases like asthma.

What that of course means is milk and cream are off the menu.   What is more, maybe, just maybe, moggies are more allergic to humans than we are of them.  Wouldn’t that be a turn up for the books?

As for their anatomical structure, cats are extraordinary.  They are built with a flexible backbone that can rotate a full 180 degrees, ensuring a perfect feet-first landing every time.  Cats can also leap over five times their own height into the air with the minimum of effort.

Felines have acute hearing and incredible eyesight perfectly equipped to detect the tiniest of movements.  Their sharp teeth and retractable claws are powerful hunting tools.  Mousers enjoy a remarkably high kill rate and are always willing to share their prey with… you!

As for longevity, kitty cats have an average lifespan of around 15 to 18 years.  The really resilient animals can live up to 30 years and more.  They do most of their maturing in the first two years, so much so, a year-old kitten is equal in age to a spotty 16-year-old teenager!

Our feline friends spend most of their lives grooming themselves or asleep on the couch.  They may look unconscious but even during REM sleep, both their hearing and sense of smell are active and tuned in.  All in all, pussy cats are durable, often friendly and uniquely adapted to their habitat!

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The only feline that is the stuff of nightmares must be Church, the grey British Shorthair cat from Stephen King’s iconic film 1989 film, Pet Sematary, and the subsequent remake in 2019.  The films are based on his 1983 book, which the fiction horror author himself dubbed his most disturbing story…. Yikes!

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