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WHAT???  How is this connected to our Springbok casino?  Well, let's see - as with our online slots real money South Africa casino, collagen is trending (niiice!).  It is punted as an anti-aging product that supports everything – from radiant skin to a healthy heart.  Can hydrolysed powder derived from the skin and bones of animals really make us look and feel younger?

What is Collagen?

Collagen is a key structural component in the human body.  It is the equivalent of the games at our online slots real money South Africa casino.  It is naturally produced by three amino acids – glycine, proline and hydroxyproline.

Together, the amino acids produce thin threads of collagen that are bundled together to help form the skeletal framework – the tendons, cartilage, ligaments and skin.  Without the adhesive quality of collagen, we would all collapse in a heap.

Collagen is what creates the flexibility, elasticity and tensile strength of all connective tissue.  Even our arteries, internal organs, eyes and ears require collagen to function optimally.

The problem is as we age, we produce less collagen at a rate of about 1% per year.  That is from our mid- to late-twenties.  When we reach our fifties and sixties, collagen production is radically diminished.

The result?  Age-related joint pain, muscle loss and wrinkles… all because of a deficiency in one of the body’s primary proteins and building blocks!

Do We Really Need Collagen Supplements?

If collagen naturally exists in animal-based dietary items like chicken skin and beef broth, why do we need supplements?  Surely, adding collagen-rich foods to our daily diet would have the same effect?  The answer is ‘yes’ and ‘no’.

Yes, because we can produce the amino acids that make collagen from food.  No, because the body’s own amino acid-based production technique is slow and less effective.  When taken in powder form, collagen is already hydrolysed and rapidly absorbed by the cells, or so it is being marketed.

Supplements are also allegedly manufactured to target specific areas of concern.  In the human body, there are several types of collagen that perform slightly different roles.  The most common are:

  • Type I – found in all connective tissue
  • Type II – found in all joints
  • Type III – found in the skin and arteries
  • Type IV – found in the inner ear, lens of the eye and kidneys

Marine collagen, derived from the scales, bones and skin of fish, contains type I and II.  Bovine collagen, made from the skin and connective tissue of cows, consists of type I and III.  Specially formulated supplements are also available to tackle issues resulting from deficiencies in type IV.

What is Collagen Powder Purportedly Good For?

There is science-backed evidence to suggests that ingesting collagen can improve the appearance of the skin – although the science community seems divided.  Regardless, in its natural state, collagen accounts for a whopping 75% of the skin’s weight.  It is the reason why our skin is smooth, radiant and beautiful in our younger years.

As we get older, we lose the capacity to replenish lost collagen and as a result, our skin becomes dry and wrinkled.  Supplementing with collagen powder could hydrate the skin, improve elasticity and reduce wrinkles.  It can also stimulate the natural production of collagen.

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Reduces Joint Pain

Collagen is found in elastin – a protein that acts as the main constituent of joint connective tissue.  The loss of elastin is one of the main drivers of joint pain.  Here’s the good news folks – and it has nothing to do with is being rated the best online slots real money South Africa casino.

Studies have shown that collagen supplements could relieve the pain associated with sports injuries and osteoarthritis.  Further claims state that when used daily, collagen can reduce the risk of degenerative joint disorders by maintaining and repairing tendons, bones and joints.

The pro-collagen supplement scientists have postulated that it works by:

  • Accumulating in the cartilage
  • Stimulating the natural production of collagen
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Moderating pain

Increases Bone Density and Muscle Mass

Collagen is the main component of bones and skeletal muscle.  It provides strength and structure.  Both bone and muscle mass decrease with age.  As a result, the risk of injuries and bone fractures is that much higher.

According to some studies, collagen, taken in conjunction with weight training, can increase muscle strength in older people.  It is believed the supplement boosts the synthesis of proteins like creatine and promotes muscle growth post-exercise.  When taken on a regular basis, collagen can reportedly support the structure of the arteries which ferry blood around the body.  It optimises the flexibility and elasticity of the brain and is tipped to reduce the risk of dementia.

All things considered, this easily attainable wellness supplement really can boost our health, happiness and well-being… and have us looking half our age.  Sounds like it is well worth a shot, or spoonful, doesn't it?

What About Plant-Based Collagen Supplements?

The important thing you need to note is that even animal-derived collagen require certain peptides to work.  Simply taking your marine or bovine collagen supplements don’t guarantee that your body will absorb or convert it as it should.

This is where plant-based ‘collagen’ differs.  In the same way that our online slots real money South Africa put you in control of cashing in, plant-based collagen supplements let your body do its thing.  They don’t actually provide you with a dose of collagen – but instead equip your body with the stuff needed to produce its own collagen.

In essence, plant-based collagen is more of a booster than a supplement.  Scientist have developed a more “recombinant human collagen” that can theoretically be called a ‘vegan collagen’, although the product is not yet available beyond the laboratories.  The key ingredients?  Bioengineered microorganisms.

If you’re a plant-based health fundi, the simple solution is always to turn to Mother Nature.  You will find everything you need to sustain your body – and even function optimally – in plants.  So, if you’re vegan, be sure to include plenty of protein rich foods:

  • legumes, such as beans and lentils
  • quinoa
  • soy products, including tofu
  • seitan
  • nuts and seeds

Whether animal collagen supplements or vegan collagen boosters really do work…  That is actually still up for debate as many academics refer to the craze as pseudoscience.  The easy answer is to maintain a healthy diet and to accept that aging is part of life.  If you play our online slots real money South Africa and you happen to win a few hundred rands to fund your collagen supply, give it a try and be your own judge!

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