Find the truth about conspiracies and gambling myths at the number one online slots real money South Africa casino now!

In our contemporary society, conspiracy theories abound.  Everything is fair game – from aliens and politicians to online slots real money South Africa casinos.  The question is… how does one separate fact from fiction?  That is easy.  Via an independent myth-busting article, such as ours!

Why You Can Trust the #1 Online Slots Real Money South Africa Casino

Gaming – whether live or at an online slots real money South Africa casino – has always been controversial.  The concept of fair play is questioned over and over again.  Now, with cash gaming shifting to the digital sphere, the noise and misinformation is louder than ever.

Before we debunk some of the worst fabrications doing the rounds, we want to state one unequivocal fact.  Springbok Casino is committed to ethical business practices.  Our online casino games are certified fair and random.  Our gaming platform is licensed and regulated.  The banking platform is super-secure.

That is not necessarily the case with all online casinos.  As with pretty much every business industry sector, there are bad apples.  That is precisely why is it so vitally important to do your homework before you chase the biggest bonus or progressive jackpot prize.

There are plenty of rogue casinos on the wide expanses of the internet.  What is more, they use huge dollar promos and imaginary multi-million-rand payouts to reel you in.  If you buy in to their lies, you will become the next victim.

How do you avoid being predated on by nefarious gaming operators?  By reading reviews and recommendations from other players.  That way, you will know which online casinos are a safe bet against those that are not.

Countless websites also feature lists of reputable online casinos.  All have been independently vetted and accredited fair and safe.  Our top-ranked online slots real money South Africa casino falls into this category.

Now, back to the top conspiracy theories that have no basis in fact.

Myth #1 - You Can’t Beat the Edge

All online casino games have a theoretical edge.  This is the average percentage of all the wagers by all the players that contributes towards the running of the casino.  The edge is similar to the rake in poker or vigorish in sports betting.

The key difference is in gaming it is possible to lower the edge and even beat the casino.  Games like online blackjack and video poker already have a low edge – the so-called advantage to the house.  By implementing an associated strategy – like the Basic Blackjack Strategy – you can reduce the edge even more.

When you do that, there is a good chance of gaining a profit over the long term.  That does not mean you will cash in every time you play a table game or video poker variant online.  It simply means you have a higher probability of winning – provided you play the game strategically.

If you want to bank ZAR at the best online slots real money South Africa casino, we suggest you bet on the likes of classic Blackjack, Aces and Eights, Blackjack and Perfect Pairs and Jacks or Better.  You can find step-by-step best-play strategies for each option on our Gambling Tips page or by searching online.

Myth #2 – Online Casinos Do Not Pay Out Winnings

If that were to be true, our online slots real money South Africa casino would have gone out of business years ago.  Sure, there are dodgy gaming platforms that are more than happy to take your money but less inclined to pay out.  These are the rogue or blacklisted casinos that must be avoided at all costs.

Casinos that you can trust are licensed and regulated.  If they fail to pay out what is due, patrons can lodge a dispute with the licensing authority.  These e-gaming associations not only have their own reputations to consider.  They are mandated to resolve disputes between member casinos and their players.

Springbok Casino is licensed by Curacao eGaming.  We also offer dedicated third-party dispute resolution.  In our case, CDS provides the independent player disputes and mediation service.

Myth #3 – You Can Maximise the Win Rate with a Good Betting System

There are literally hundreds of betting systems available on the internet.  Some are freely accessible, like the Martingale, Paroli and Labouchere betting systems.  Others are sold for a pretty penny on the pretext they can guarantee a positive outcome.

Here is the cold hard fact.  There is no betting system on earth that can statistically improve your chances of winning.  Only strategies can do that…  and only some of the time.

That is not to say adopting a betting system is all bad.  It can add an element of fun and excitement to gameplay.  If you want to try out a betting system, go for it – but don’t expect a sudden change of fortune.  That is not going to happen.

We also suggest you maintain a low-risk betting strategy, at least initially.  If you don’t, you may find yourself losing a lot more money than what you can afford.

Myth #4 – Online Casino Games are Fixed

Here is a fact.  Online slots real money South Africa casinos, like Springbok Casino, do not design nor develop the games.  Independent software developers do that.  They then ‘lease’ the games to the casino as standalone products or part of a turnkey gaming suite.

Reputable software companies, like SpinLogic have the games tested by third party testing agencies.  The likes of Global Labs International (GLI), Quinell and Technical Systems Testing (TST) specialise in assessing games and gaming applications.

Software engineers, working for these agencies, test and analyse the online casino games’ algorithms and random number generators.  If no anomalies are found in the coding, the games’ outcomes are certified fair and random.

As a result, it is virtually impossible to fix online casino games.  Online casino operators would have to be in cahoots with both developers and testing agencies to pull off that level of deceit.

Myth #5 – You Can Predict Future Outcomes Based on Past Results

As we have already mentioned, all gaming outcomes at our online slots real money South Africa casino are random.  Whether you win or lose is determined by just one element – an infinite line of code.  In the world of algorithms, nothing is predictable, nor based on what has gone before.

It is entirely possible for the same number of sequences of numbers to come up in online roulette, for instance.  That, however, is completely fortuitous.  In the digital sphere particularly, there really is no way of forecasting which card, number, symbol or pips will come up next.

Myth #6 – You Can’t Win ZAR with an Online Casino Bonus

If that were true, why do most online casino bonuses have a maximum cash-out limit?  That immediately affirms the fact that significant cash wins are frequently generated by free spins, cashback and bonus bets.  The limit is imposed to mitigate the casinos’ potential losses.

Bonuses do generate payouts.  That is precisely why a wagering requirement or playthrough of the bonus typically applies.  This particular bonus rule, as published in the T’s and C’s, ensures the funds associated with a bonus are circulated in the online casino and not immediately withdrawn.