Why Springbok Casino is tops – it has to do with offering the best online casino for real money x 350 or more!

If you want to play an online casino game for real money, listen up, fellow South Africans!  At Springbok Casino we offer the best online real money gaming.  It is not only our support and banking services that are super-slick.  It is the diverse ways in which you can become a winner!

An Online Casino Game for Real Money? How About 100s of Games?

The art of making money at the casino is to play the best games.  By that we don’t necessarily mean the kiffest games.  Rather, we mean the games with the highest probability of paying out.  The games where that Rands are guaranteed to end up in your wallet.

When you cast your net as wide as possible, there is a good chance of getting your due reward.  That is precisely why it is good tactics to play more than just one online casino game for real money.  The opportunities are greater.

So too is the entertainment value.  How many of you would watch Pathaan over and over again?  Perhaps you plough through Pieter-Louis Myburgh’s Gangster State more than once?  Well, the same sentiment applies to casino games… even if they are on your favourites list!

Mixing things up is the better option.  Fans of online slots, for example, will have access to a wide range of pay tables, reel structures, paylines and bonus features.  Playing multiple games rather than just one online casino game for real money promotes selectivity.

Factors like the volatility or variance of a slot game count.  Games with prize multipliers, free spins and cascading line wins are typically better betting opportunities than games without.  The only way to identify potential money makers is through actual gameplay.

Here are two reasons why Springbok is widely considered the best real money casino in South Africa:

  1. We supply hundreds of RTG online casino games to registered players.
  2. All the games are available in the real money and free play modes.

What does that mean?  It is not necessary to play an online casino game for real money to determine its potential value.  All you have to do is navigate to the game of your choice and scroll the mouse over the thumbnail.

When you do that, three buttons or tabs are revealed.  They are the:

  • Information icon: displays either the game rules or slots data like volatility, theme, paylines and special features.
  • Try It button: unlocks free play.
  • Play tab: the access point to the online casino game in the real money mode

Once you have a better understanding of the bet levels, features and how the game pays out, you can choose to play for real… or not!

Multiple Categories of Online Casino Games

The quality of online real money gaming isn’t only defined by the number of titles.  It is the genres or categories of games that are as important, especially in the context of winning.  The reason being, some categories are better than others in terms of average payback.

At Springbok Casino, we offer the full gamut of genres.  Besides a vast selection of 3-reel and 5-reel slots, all the classic casino gaming categories are readily available.  That puts an entirely new light on the concept of the best online casino game in the real money format.

Traditionally, two genres are recognised for a low edge and high payback percentage.  They are online blackjack and video poker.  They are the games that pay out the most money over hundreds or even thousands of hands.

Springbok Casino offers a selection of games in both the high-paying genres.  There is a choice of classic Blackjack, Blackjack and Perfect Pairs and Face Up 21.  Shift across to the video poker catalogue and there are 14 variations altogether.

If you had to choose just one option from each category, what would it be?  When it comes to blackjack both the classic and Perfect Pairs variant share the highest average payback percentage.  As for video poker…  Well, the top spot goes to Aces and Eights!

That does not mean games like European Roulette or Caribbean Draw, Stud and Holdem poker aren’t fun and entertaining.  They are.

Having said that, they don’t fall into the best online casino game for real money category.  Now you know why.  It is all about the theoretical payback rate and the associated rands and cents!

That is the third reason why Springbok Casino is a multi-award-winning online casino.  You can find all the classic casino game categories in one conveniently accessible spot!  That includes the genres that can pump up the pay-out rate.

GTD Slots Tournaments and Extra Comp Points

How else can you bank a bit of moolah at Springbok Casino?  By competing in our regular slots tournaments, of course.  Entry fees are affordable, and prizes range from shared prize pools to ‘winner takes all’.  Our tourneys epitomise the word equality – a word that proudly describes our nation!

Besides the buy-in events, we host weekly freerolls.  For zero outlay, you have a chance of scooping up wads of cash.  Our super-hot slots tourneys are only available in the download casino – so hit that download tab and play!

Wait up!  There is one more way of making money for nothing at Springbok Online Casino.  That is to play the Double Comps games.  When you do that, you get 2 comp points for every R10 wagered.  It’s like our famous Mbere twins who made their way onto MTVs Inside Life: Major League.  Twice is nice!

Why are we hammering on about comp points?  Well, you’d be dof not to.  These points can be converted into free credits!  The best part about these points and the credits for mahala is they can be used to bankroll bets on any of our online casino games.

That means you can play the best online casino game for real money… for FREE.  Now that is a deal that simply cannot be missed.  That is yet another reason why you are always assured of outstanding online real money gaming at Springbok Casino.  There is plenty of free stuff doing the rounds!