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Is there anything more enjoyable than taking a lekker break and chilling in your PJs after a long day’s work?  What about gooing a few boeries on the braai and kicking back with a cold one?  We can think of plenty of other fun activities that involve being at home, in your own relaxing environment.

There’s no need to dress-to-impress, you can let your bolla down – and who cares if you’re barefoot or your hair is done?  No one!  Yet what if you want to enjoy these activities and feel like a bit of entertainment in the form of gambling?  That is where the nearest casino to me, you, Jannie and Sannie comes in!

Why Play at the Nearest Casino to Me?

Apart from the obvious comforts stated above, getting to land-based casinos involves driving.  90% of the time it involves a decent distance as you won’t find games near me – or anyone – on every corner.  We’re not talking about an Engen or BP garage here!

South Africa has quite a few massive, grand and very prestigious brick-and-mortar casinos.  There’s Carnival City in Brakpan, Emperor’s Palace in Kempton Park, Gold Reef City in Ormonde, Montecasino in Sandton… and a few others that aren’t really worth mentioning.  What do they all have in common?

Travel Expenses

If you’re looking for the nearest casino to me, we are pretty sure you don’t live a quick 5-minute drive from any of these venues.  If you do, then you’re one of the ‘lucky’ few.  The first issue with looking for gaming near me involves fuel expenses.  You know, that green or gold liquid that fuels your double-cab bakkie or zippy hatchback?

At this point in time, diesel and petrol is pretty much worth as much gold.  This means that unless you live in a place where the nearest casino to me – which would be you in this instance – is a short drive away, it is going to cost you big bucks to get there.  Let’s face it, we’re all on a budget.

gambling near me

Planning of Having a Klippies and Coke or a Castle?

Another reason why you might want to look for a casino nearest to me and whomever is with you, is that drinking and driving is a no-no.  It is never worth the risk to you or other drivers on the road.  You’ve seen the billboards ‘arrive alive’ – now take that to heart when thinking about gaming near me.

What are the alternatives?  You could take a Bolt or Uber and appoint someone else as the designated driver – but yet again, considering the distance that you’d need to travel, these driving services will cost you bucks that you really don’t need to spend.

Convenience … Or the Lack Thereof

Right.  Where are you most relaxed?  As we’ve already mentioned, that is most likely at the place you call home.  Whether you live in the fanciest neighbourhoods in South Africa or a modest home in a regular suburb – home is home.  It is your sanctuary.

Unless you’re comfortable going out in your pantoffels, or even barefoot, with unwashed hair and your ‘at home’ clothes, then you need to clean up.  By that we mean, take a bath or a shower, get dressed, style your hair – and oh dear, if you’re a lady, go through the effort of ‘putting your face on’.

Why would you want to go through all of that just to get to the nearest casino to me?  Gaming near me and everyone else should be about convenience.  You should be able to be who you are – as you would be in your natural habitat – home – or wherever you might find yourself to be…

Now that we’ve covered some of the reasons why games near me at a land-based casino is not the best option, what are we proposing to those wanting to enjoy gaming at the nearest casino to me, you and your chommies?

Games Near Me? We’ve Got You!

The fact of the matter is that gaming near me is closer than you think.  Actually…  If you’re looking for the nearest casino to me, you really don’t have to look very far at all!  Reach for your pocket, fire up your laptop, and you’ll have access to a full-blown online casino – whether you’re at home, on the beach – or in the bush!

Yep, Springbok Casino is a cross-channel gambling platform that provides high-end games near me and you.  Our SpinLogic-powered casino is available on your Android phone, your iPhone, whatever tablet you have with an internet connection – and of course, laptops and PCs.

Not only that, but because we’re a virtual casino, we offer so much more in terms of gaming opportunities compared to land-based casinos.  B&M casinos are restricted by their floor space.  You might find a decent selection of games – but nothing close to what you’ll find at the real nearest casino to me, which is online!  Springbok Casino offers hundreds of online games across every gaming category because our casino is software-powered with zero space limitations!

Join Springbok Casino for the Best Nearest Casino to Me

What do you have to do to play at the best and greatest nearest casino to me and the rest of South Africa?  That’s easy okes!  To get started at Springbok Casino, the only requirement for real money gaming near me or you is to sign up.  There’s no driving involved, no need to get dolled up – simply sign up, as you are!

The sign up process at Springbok Casino is straightforward and so easy to follow, we bet you could get Oupa and Ouma to figure it out.  Once you tap or click on the “Sign Up” button, it’s a matter completing the simple registration process.  This requires typical details to set up a real money account at our casino.

After initiating the sign up process, you’re literally minutes away from enjoying the best online gaming experience that this country has to offer!  Even better than that, Springbok Casino truly is the nearest casino to me – and everyone else.

Who Said Online Gaming is Lonely? No Man, Invite Your Friends!

There’s a misconception that online casinos provide a lonely and isolated gaming experience.  This doesn’t have to be true, at all!  There is absolutely no reason why you can’t enjoy playing at Springbok Casino with your friends.

In fact, invite them over!  We might not offer multi-player games, per se, but we fully support getting your chinas together and having everyone enjoy Springbok Casino games with company.  Share a lekker tjop and dop and hang with your buds whilst playing at our casino.  You can compete against each other and keep score and declare the ultimate player amongst you!

You can even participate in Springbok Casino tournamentswith your friends!  This means that you’ll all be playing together, within the Springbok Casino software, where there are prize pools – and where an actual winner will be declared at the end.