Enjoy flexible betting options for budget-friendly gambling online at Springbok Casino! Win ZAR for as little as 1 cent per bet.

There aren’t many things we can do in this life for a couple of bucks, let alone a few cents! In fact, cents are simply smaller numbers that need to add up to form part of a larger unit of currency that ultimately has some use. What if we told you that cents aren’t all that useless… and that they will serve you well when gambling online at Springbok Casino?

Flexible Betting Options for Budget-Friendly Gaming

Most games at Springbok Casino have flexible betting options, which means you get to decide exactly how much you want to put at stake when gambling online. In fact, almost all games (with the exception of a few fixed bet games) allow you, the player, to find tune your wager to suit your wallet.

That fact is true whether you play slots, blackjack, video poker – or any other game on our menu. You can typically easily adjust your wager by engaging the “+” and “-” buttons on the game interface. The amount of bucks that you can bet will obviously depend on the game that you are playing as each has its own coin values and betting limits – on the minimum and maximum end.

Games that Offer Cheap Bets at Springbok Casino

Slots are a go-to for low-budget betting at Springbok Casino. Nearly all our slots allow you to spin the reels for a few bobs. Even our most feature rich new slots are wallet conscious, with game like Bonus Wheel Jungle and Icy Hot Multi-Game offering minimum bets of R0.30 and R0.10, respectively. Conversely, max bets are up to R150 and R25 a pop.

These are 5 reel slots with multiple in-game bonus features and special ways to win and they’re a far cry from what is traditionally perceived a ‘penny slot’. 3 reel slots at Springbok are the closest to penny slots in terms of their gameboard designs, yet they too offer lucrative gambling online sessions. Santa’s Reel Wheel is the perfect example, offering a R0.10 minimum bet with free games, bonus wheel and re-spins features.

Slots isn’t the only genre that offers South Africans a chance to have a jol for nearly boggerall. Table games, video poker and even specialty games have titles suitable for ‘broodlyn’ betting. Did you know you can play Jacks or Better for as little as R0.10 a hand? How about just one cent for a round of Keno? No jokes!

Pros and Cons of Betting in Cents at Springbok Casino

As you can see, you don’t have to be flush with money to enjoy gambling online at Springbok Casino. You may have had to reallocate some of your gaming budget to cover travel expenses with our latest petrol price increase, yet whatever is left will be enough for you to have a lekker time on your favourite games nonetheless.

You might be wondering if there’s a catch to betting the minimum amount on a game… While there are no ‘catches’, there are certainly a few pros and cons.

Minimum Bet Pros

  • Minimum bets allow for sustained gambling online sessions.
  • Minimum bets are great when your gaming budget is impacted by other expenses.
  • Minimum bets provide safe gambling online, in that they are low-risk.

Minimum bets Cons

  • Minimum bets often disqualify you from jackpots, such as progressive jackpots.
  • You won’t qualify for a game’s top payout on a minimum bet.
  • You can expect smaller wins in line with the size of your bet.

While gambling online with a minimum bet does have a few drawbacks, it’s still a great way to have fun and win real ZAR. Hit a bonus feature or a money-spinning symbol combo while playing slots and you might even turn those cents into rands!


Can You Play with Cents at Land-Based Casinos?

Since gambling online allows you to place bets on a range of games for just a few cents, or even a single cent, what are the chances of budget betting at land-based casinos? We did some digging, and the answer is skraal.

Although some B&M casinos in South Africa do have games with coin denominations ranging from 1c to R100, actual bets are usually from R1 and up.

Plus, it is worth remembering that even if you do find a slot machine that allows you to spin the reels for 1c, there are all the additional associated expenses when playing at a B&M casino. Factor in the cost of fuel, the inflated prices for drinks and food – and you could end up spending more on gambling offline than what you can recoup in wins!

When gambling online at Springbok, none of this applies. You have the perks of playing at an establishment that doesn’t have massive overheads to cover, such as prime property floorspace and casino staff. You also don’t have to travel anywhere, as our casino is mobile and accessible from anywhere!

What Else Can You Buy with Cents in South Africa?

We searched, and searched extensively, and the truthful answer is that we couldn’t find anything fun to do that only relied on cents besides gambling online. For a few rands, maybe – but as a standalone purchasing unit, cents aren’t worth much in the real world.

The reality is that the days of cleaning out the spaza shop with a one Rand note or buying a trolley full of groceries for the month for under a hundred bucks are long gone. There are a few budget friendly things to do in South Africa, but honestly, be prepared to part with a few hundred bucks per activity – excluding meals and travel expenses.

Enjoy Gambling Online Where Your ZAR Cents Count!

What is the main takeaway here? In the physical world, cents are a zero-sum game… They’re worth nothing, nada, zilch. In the digital realm where gambling online reigns supreme, those decimal numbers actually have value. We’ve also established that gambling online is just about the only thing left to do that don’t involve multiples of South African Rand.

So, next time you end up with some spare change, don’t discard it thinking it is totally worthless. Save those 1, 2, 5, 10 and 50 cents in a jar… They can fund your gaming sessions for cheap cheap – and see some hefty returns with a bit of luck on your side when gambling online at Springbok Casino!