Enjoy competitive gaming with slots tourneys at Springbok Casino! Play for big prizes in daily and weekly online casino events.

What a weekend… What a Rugby World Cup tournament! South Africa is celebrating the triumph of the Springboks as they brought the Cup home for a record fourth time. With an intense eight weeks of riveting entertainment behind us, look forward to earning your own trophy in our online casino tournaments!

What’s Cooking on the Springbok Tournament Schedule?

In this instance, we’re referring to our online casino, Springbok Casino. You won’t see your name engraved onto a golden trophy on live TV – but there are great prizes up for grabs, nonetheless. As with the Rugby World Cup, our schedule is jam-packed. Unlike the RWC, you don’t have to wait another four years…

The online casino tournament schedule has events running every day of the year, year in and year out. Events change often to deliver a fresh dose of competitive gameplay with an energising prize pot. Let’s look at a few of the title events that are on the Springbok Casino tournament schedule.

Daily Small Stack Action R50 Guaranteed

Our Daily Small Stack tournaments are great little events that offer a prize pot of R50 guaranteed. It might be a small amount, but it’s fifty bucks you didn’t have… So, yay! Unlike some tournaments where the prize pools are split between the top players, this is a ‘winner takes all’ event.

Entering a Daily Small Stack tournament at our online casino usually costs R25. In other words, you have an opportunity to double your buy-in. The events run for a full 24 hours, generally starting at 7am. You’ll also find more than one Daily Small Stack tournament running so you can select a game that resonates with you most.

Some of the games included in our recent and current events include:

  • Football Fortunes
  • Halloween Treasures
  • Asgard Deluxe

So, if you’re still celebrating Saturday’s victory, then Football Fortunes is as close to rugga as on the reels as you’re going to get. If decorating your house and dressing up for trick or treating is more your jam, then Halloween Treasures will hit the spot. We’re always mindful of what’s hip and happening so we feature slots that fit the occasion!

Daily Winner Takes It All R500 Guaranteed

Our Daily Winner Takes It All tournaments are where things start heating up in terms of competition. If you’re an extreme sports enthusiast, or a fan of 1-point difference match results, then you’ll love these events! They’re still no match for the collective cardiac episodes that all South Africans felt over the last three weeks of the World Cup…

Nonetheless, you’ll be competing against other players for the entirety of the pot, which does raise the stakes ten-fold compared to the Daily Small Stack Action tournaments at our online casino. As with the former, these are 24-hour events that generally start at 7am. You can join anytime throughout the day, but the clock stops the next morning at seven sharp!

We spice things up further by hosting multiple online casino tournaments in this category so there’s a great selection of games for you to pick from. These are a few of the games that made a recent appearance:

  • Magic Mushroom
  • Dragon’s Gems
  • Thai Emerald
  • Storm Lords
  • Miami Jackpots

Chasing the adrenaline on one of these slots will usually cost you a buy-in R50. Again, that’s just fifty bucks to potentially see a return on your investment of 10 x!


Weekly R500 Freeroll Action

The weekly online casino tournaments are really exciting as they offer sustained competition and plenty of opportunities for you to fight your way to the top of the leaderboard. Multiple weekly freeroll tournaments will run simultaneously on different games, which leaves room for you to play on your favourite slot.

Weekly R500 Freeroll Action tournaments function a bit differently compared to the other two events we outlined above. As the name suggests, there’s a prize pool of R500 – but here’s the great news, there is no buy-in! This means you can join this type of online casino tournament for free.

As for how the prizes are awarded, a portion of the pot goes to the top 60 players. Of course, the higher you are on the leaderboard, the greater your prize will be. Whilst the last spot pays out just R1.50, finishing in first position will secure you a win of R125.

You have an entire week to battle it out for the top spot, with events starting on different days, again, typically at 7am – usually coming to an end at 8am a full 7 days later. Some of the slots that were recently part of our Weekly R500 Freeroll Action tournaments include Mardi Gras Magic and Fire Dragon.

Other Tournaments at Springbok Casino

The tournaments you’ll find in our online casino schedule aren’t set in stone. There is always room for exclusive events and a lot of variety. We’ve already proved how we’re very flexible when it comes to selecting games for our events – the same applies to the actual tourneys.

There are other great tournaments that you can look forward to at Springbok Casino, like our R250 Added Roaring Lion Fun event with a prize pot of R300. These events run for a few days and can be on any of our slots, like Wild Fire 7s. Check in every day for new and exciting events at our online casino!

How Do Springbok Casino Tournaments Work?

Joining tournaments at Springbok Casino is easy. Login to your online casino account, click or tap on the tournament section, and you’ll find a full list of completing and ‘in progress’ events, as well as upcoming tournaments. These are the ones you want to focus on.

Select the tournament you’re interested in and go through the quick registration process. Make sure you set your timer, so you don’t miss the event and a chance to win great prizes!

As for how the work, most of our tournaments are in ‘points’ mode. What this means is that you’ll get a set number of points, or credits, that you can play with. You’ll find the details under the ‘Buy-In’ tab once you’ve selected an event.

There are a few key tournament features that you should familiarise yourself with. These include:

  • Buy-In: This is the fee you’ll have to pay to get access to the tournament. The amount you pay will go towards the prize pool, which you could ultimately end up winning back in spades!
  • Add-On: If you’ve run out of credits and you want to continue from where you left off to maintain your position, you can carry on by opting for the Add-On option.
  • Re-Buy: The re-buy is different from the add-on as it offers players a chance to restart the tournament from scratch. The re-buy isn’t always available, but if it is, it is generally less that the original buy-in.

All fees will be deducted from your Springbok Casino account balance – so make sure you’ve deposited enough bucks to extend your gameplay.

Win an Online Casino Tournament ‘Trophy’!

Ending in the top spot of a tournament and winning the ultimate prize if our equivalent of winning a shiny golden trophy. With many fantastic events running every day and every week, with a bustling schedule that never misses a beat, there’s always a way to compete for cash at Springbok Casino.

If you’ve never participated in tourneys before, how about heading over to our jam-packed schedule? There are online casino events that are open for registration right now, with guaranteed prizes!