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What do we do best here at Springbok Casino? That is a question loaded with an answer that we certainly don’t have time for right now! What we can focus on is simply two things – our online blackjack in South Africa, and the bonuses that we so regularly dole out to you all.

Today we’ll be taking a little trip over to our coupon section in the Cashier where there are all flavour of rewards practically begging to be redeemed. Amongst them is an offer with a little code that packs a powerful punch – every day. The best news? You can use it to play online blackjack in South Africa at Springbok Casino!

It’s UP2YOU – Seriously, It Is!

Before we talk about the general bonuses and promotions that those who play online blackjack in South Africa can look forward to here at Springbok Casino, we’re going to shine the spotlight on an offer that is well-deserving. It might not have its own flashy advertising space on our promotions page, but it’s there, and it’s amazing!

You need to dig a bit to get your hands on this whopper, but if free cash makes you tick, and you want to boost your bankroll to fund your blackjack sessions, then it’s up to you. As in, UP2YOU. Ok, enough with the suspense. What’s up for grabs?

In a nutshell, you can claim up to 75% on your deposit – TWICE EVERY DAY! We’re not kidding. Far from it. Here are the cold, hard (and warm and comforting) facts:

  • Deposit up to R249 and receive 25%
  • Deposit between R250 and R499 and receive 50%
  • Deposit more than R500 and receive 75%

How do you trigger the free money? With the coupon code: UP2YOU – that’s all! Those six numbers and letters are the keys to the encrypted vault that can unlock between 25% and 75% of complimentary cash on top of your deposit, two times a day!

A Bonus Boost for Blackjack and Beyond

Truth be told, the UP2YOU bonus offer isn’t quite a dedicated bonus for online blackjack in South Africa. It’s one of those very unique and special offers that doesn’t come with endless strings attached, dictating which exact game you need to tap into in order to benefit.

In fact, we can liken it to the R250 free no deposit bonus here at Springbok Casino. Whilst that offer is only available to first time depositors, as in brand new members of our casino, the bucks are yours to spend on any type of game or game genre, even online blackjack in South Africa.

In the same way, you can use the coupon code UP2YOU to trigger an amount of extra money according to… Well, it’s up to you! With up to 75% on deposits of more than R500 – there is virtually no limit to how much you can claim every day, twice a day. There’s also no restriction on the game type, which means you can tap into our blackjack menu once you’ve got your bonus locked and loaded.

Here’s the even better part. If you feel you’ve had your fill of online blackjack for South Africa and just about the rest of the world, you can head over to our slots, video poker, specialty games menu. It is UP TO YOU! Unlike dedicated blackjack bonuses, this reward gives you complete autonomy over your gaming choices.


What Are Dedicated Blackjack Bonuses?

With bonuses like our UP2YOU offer, we provide all-inclusive There is no ‘ride height’ or ‘age limit’ on this rand powered roller coaster. Everyone is invited and welcome to enjoy the thrill of the ride. It might not be the Tower of Terror, but that is because 6.3 Gs is too much even for us to handle!

That said, every now and then we actually do offer exclusive bonuses for online blackjack for South Africa (and players from all over!) where the freebies are reserved for this game genre only. Now, if you’re a blackjack enthusiast, we’ll love it when these come around!

We’re talking about free blackjack bets. These are for those so dedicated to the game that they live, breathe, eat, and sleep blackjack. What do these dedicated blackjack offers entail? We generally give players a pre-determined number of bets, at a pre-determined value, for free.

In other words, you could get R20 in free blackjack bets, with each bet valued at R2. This means you’ll have ten opportunities to strut your stuff and use your brainpower to beat us at our own game and hand our hineys to us, on the house! These are rare opportunities, so keep an eye out for them in your Springbok Casino inbox and our promo page.

How to Claim the UP2YOU Bonus Money

We’ve already mentioned our Cashier, but here’s how we typically promote bonuses and promotions at Springbok Casino. There are three common ways in which you can find the latest bonus for online blackjack in South Africa, or any other games:

  • The Promotions Page – this page on the Springbok Casino website is dedicated to featuring more long-term offers, such as our welcome bonuses, that are almost cast in stone.
  • Springbok Casino Inbox – login to Springbok and you’ll see the little envelope at the top of your screen. This is where we deliver important comms, including tailored bonuses and promotions.
  • The Cashier – often overlooked, the Cashier has a coupon section where a list of codes that are available for you to redeem are featured.

The UP2YOU bonus is available by heading over to the coupon tab at the cashier. Scroll through the offers, hit the ‘Redeem’ button next to “up to 75% twice every day”, head over to the ‘Deposit’ tab, and the free money will be allocated to your deposit amount according to the percentage scale mentioned previously.

Remember, there is no hard of fast rule with how, when or where we advertise and promote bonuses, promotions, and events at Springbok Casino. So, hear us now when we say CHECK all avenues, every day, a few times a day – and be sure you don’t miss out on any of our amazing deals!

Join Springbok Casino for Double the Fun with Online Blackjack in South Africa!

That’s our story, Springbokkers! You now know all about our bonus that can boost your online blackjack in South Africa closer to those 6 Gs – but in ZAR. All you need is the coupon code UP2YOU and you can claim a slice of house money two times every day. Whether you take us up on the offer is entirely up to you!