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What is the lifeblood of any online casino experience? There are games, of course, but apart from that, it is the perks that make players sign up, and come back for more! The even better news is that Springbok Casino bonuses are freebies that you can count on long after you’ve redeemed your welcome bonus.

Join Springbok Casino today and there are multiple ways for you to grease your casino account balance with never-ending bonuses. Of course, we kick off the action with a lekker welcome bonus – but even then, you get to choose from our R11,500 match bonus or R250 no deposit freebie.

Yet there is another way that you can extend your gaming sessions on the house, possibly indefinitely, and it all comes down to our very unique gaming category. Don’t know what we’re referring to? It’s Double Comp Points games and they have their own tab in the game menu!

Tap Into 2X Double Comps for Doubly Rewarding Games!

If you’ve been paying attention – as much attention as you do to Springbok Casino bonuses – you’ll have noticed that we added a brand-new section to our game menu. In fact, it’s old news! Somewhere in 2023, we decided that our players deserve an extra opportunity to cash in on comp points, and so this idea came to life.

The 2X Comp Point section is a tab within our game menu with a bespoke collection of popular and trending games that we know are real money-spinners whilst offering a fabulous gaming experience. Since our SpinLogic Game menu is constantly expanding, so too does the selection of the popular games…

In other words, we switch things up in our 2X Comp Point section with a new range of games to power your infinitely rewarding Springbok Casino bonuses. As for how often, there’s no hard or fast rule. This is why it’s so important to keep tabs on the tab for the latest collection of double comp points games!

Current Double Comp Point Games at Springbok

Tap into our 2X Double Comps tab today and you can enjoy perpetual Springbok Casino bonuses on the following titles:

Great Golden Lion

In Great Golden Lion slot, you’re embarking on a quest for fortune. Here, every spin is a step through a village brimming with chances to win. The Hold and Spin feature is your path to golden glory where collecting coins is a treasure hunt for the grand jackpot. With a 5x3 layout and 243 ways to win, your journey through this slot could lead to a payout of 3,750 times your base bet!

Fortunate Buddha

Fortunate Buddha slot is a serene escape where the reels offer more than just a game – they offer a moment of zen. As you spin amidst the peaceful gardens, the Fortune Link Feature is your chance to align with destiny and walk away with one of five jackpot prizes – not to mention the fortune of ongoing Springbok Casino bonuses!


Sweet 16

Sweet 16 is a celebration of all things delightful. This slot takes you beyond mere gameplay into a world where every candy symbol is a burst of fun and every win is a sprinkle of excitement. The Morphing Symbols feature transforms your winning streak into an exhilarating cascade of new opportunities, potentially multiplying your joy – and your wins – up to 20 times during free spins.

These are epic games and, right now, they’re your gateway to doubling comp points and unlocking the full potential of Springbok Casino bonuses. How exactly do double comp points equate to bonuses though?

The Power of Comp Points – Squared!

At Springbok Casino, comp points are not just a pat on the back. View them as our in-house currency of appreciation – a way to say ‘thank you’ for your loyalty and enthusiasm. As you go about playing the games you love, you’re also racking up these valuable points – a demonstration of your dedication.

Now, imagine this appreciation supercharged! Double comp points mean double the gratitude, double the rewards, and double the reasons to play. It’s like getting two times the Springbok Casino bonuses by simply playing your favourite games!

Why do we say that? Well, Springbok Casino comp points are essentially a perpetual bonus system, a continuous cycle of rewards that keeps on giving. As you wager and play, you accumulate points, which then transform into bonus credits and then real ZAR, fuelling your gameplay even further.

Think of comp points as a never-ending bonus bonanza that extends your playtime, enhances your chances, and maximizes your enjoyment. Yet how do you benefit from comp points at Springbok Casino and how do they work?

Comp Points at Springbok Casino: How They Work

Here’s the deal: every time you place a bet at Springbok Casino, you earn comp points. It’s straightforward and works as follows:

  • For every R10 you wager, you earn 1 Comp Point.
  • These points are your ticket to more playtime, as 100 Comp Points can be converted into R1.

In other words, just by playing you’re bagging real money with the help of comp points that can in turn fund future gaming sessions! If that doesn’t count as perpetual Springbok Casino bonuses, what does? That R1 conversion rate applies to standard gameplay though… What happens when you double it up?

When you play the selected games under the 2X Double Comps tab, your earning rate is doubled, meaning every R5 wagered earns you 1 Comp Point. This effectively cuts the time to accumulate points in half, doubling your delight and doubling your chances to play on the house.

In fact, let’s throw another statistic into the equation. You’ll be earning these little Springbok Casino bonuses 50% faster by simply playing one of the 2X Double Comps titles! Come on, folks, it’s like doubling up an investment – without the risky business.

Enjoy 2X Springbok Casino Bonuses with Comp Points Today!

There’s never been a better time to play at Springbok Casino, where your loyalty is rewarded with double the fun and double the bonuses. With our 2X Double Comps tab, you’re not just playing games – you’re cultivating a garden of opportunities that bloom into Springbok Casino bonuses!

Plus, doubling up is easy – just sign up, log in, head over to the 2X Double Comps tab, and play! The rest will happen automatically. So, come join the celebration of gaming where every bet counts for more, and let your comp points pave the way to boundless fun at Springbok Casino that’s twice as nice!