A close-up image of a 3 barrel slot reel with lucky 7 symbols

If you've ever played at an online casino before, you’ll know that 7 is a lucky number. That's why it’s such a popular slot symbol! It is also the only number we can count on two hands that can’t be multiplied or divided by any of the others. That gives it supernatural powers – and at Springbok Casino that is doubly true!

Two Ways to Win with Lucky 7

How can you unlock the magic and mystique inherent in the number 7? That is easy, folks! You can click on the New Games tab at Springbok Casino and play Lucky 7. That is one way of cashing in – a direct route through our online casino lobby and it’s “cha ching!”

Listen up, gamers. Whilst navigating your way through the game menu at Springbok Casino is as easy as it gets, there happens to be another method of loading moolah into your online casino account. It is even easier, though a lot less fun!

Here is how it works. Simply scroll through all the free stuff displayed on the promos page and what do you see? Yep. A Lucky 7 bonus and it is 100% GTD – not!

Before we get into the pros, cons and intricate deets of Lucky 7 Times 2, here is a heads-up. You must – and we mean must – be a signed up member at the green and gold online casino to snap up the cash. That pertains to the 11 to 1 max payout in Lucky 7, the game, plus the top R777 bonus bankroll booster!

Fail to formalise your relationship as a Springbok or Springbokkie and you cannot lift the loot. Got it? It is really quite elementary. Now to what you need to know about the brand new table game and recurring monthly bonus, respectively.

7 Down, 7 Straight or 7 Up – but Not the Soda Pop!

Lucky 7 could not be simpler in structure, rules or game play. It is a predictive card game with a table game layout. Your objective is to try and guess the ranking of the next card in the pack.

You can bet on one of three options – 7 Down, 7 Up or the number 7. The up and down bets pay out at odds of 1 to 1 for the simple reason there are six possible winners in each deck:

  • 7 Down – A, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6
  • 7 Up – 8, 9, 10, J, Q and K

As there are four suits in a deck and eight decks in the Lucky 7 shoe, there are 192 possible winners for each bet. Here is the critical data gamers. These bets have an average return to player (RTP) of 96.10%. That is not too shabby in anyone’s books.

As for the straight 7 bet? That delivers a payout of 11 to 1. In this scenario there are only 32 possible winners across the board. As can be expected, the RTP drops to 92.31%.

Bet Big, Hit Lucky 7 and Bank up to R27,5K

Now to the money side of Lucky 7. In this game the minimum and maximum stake is R1 and R2,500, respectively. That is not a typo… There really is meant to be a double zero behind the 25.

That is not quite 007 but let us be clear on thing. There is no spying, Martini swilling or extrajudicial killing allowed at Springbok Online Casino! Now back to what you can win playing Lucky 7 online.

When you take the wide betting range into account, you can bank up to R27,500. That is if you are lucky enough to bet max on 7 and 7 comes up! Now for the teasers.

Lucky 7 has a few optional side bets on the table. They are red or black and odd or even. You need to wager a second stake equal to that of the initial bet.


Play Side Bets Like Online Casino Roulette

The optional side bet in Lucky 7 pays out at slightly different odds. The red or black bet has 0.9 to 1 odds, the even bet 1 to 1 odds and the odd bet 0.8 to 1 odds.

Again, the odds are a reflection of the probability of the bet winning. Bet on red or black and there are 208 possible winners. The payback percentage is 95%.

As for the odd and even bets, here is the story. In each deck there are 28 odd cards against 24 even cards. The number of possible winners is 224 against 192 and the RTP is 96.93% versus 92.31%.

What all the data is telling you is to always bet 7 Up or 7 Down. If your gut tells you to bet 7, go for it but be sure to take the even side bet too. If you lose the initial bet, there is a good chance of winning the even money on the side bet – and that is break even time!

Loosen Up the Purse Strings with the Lucky 7 Bonus

How do you get more cash clout at our online casino? You redeem one of the myriad coupon codes that regularly fill up your Springbok inbox. That way you supplement the money in your account for FREE!

One such online casino bonus is the Lucky 7 bonus. This offer is strictly limited to the first 77 players who make a deposit and claim the coupon on the seventh day of the month. Do that and you get 100% extra in real ZAR to play with!

The available bonus is capped at R777 – another portent for things to come. It, like all the other deposit offers at Springbok Casino, has a 30 x playthrough. Qualifying games are slots and a few other games specified in the terms and conditions.

That may knock Lucky 7, the game, out of the equation. That said there are zillions of other fabulous games you can play. Plus, you will be partially funded by the online casino. What is there not to like about that?

Sign Up at Springbok & Unlock Good Fortune If You Can

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