A photo of a female croupier isolated on a white background juggling red and white casino chips

If you play it, you can slay it – and that is a fact. It does not matter if the games are virtual. We don’t get shook if they are trill. That is the deal baby – or is it? Are live dealer casino games better than online games or is it even-stevens all the way?

Before we get started, here is a little taste of Springbok flavour for those who are not yet in the know. Springbok Casino is a high-tech online casino that stays at the forefront of industry technology. What you can bank on when choosing us is a top-notch experience all around!

News Flash: Springbok Casino Offers Regular Games!

We want to say one thing right from the get-go, though... Springbok Online Casino features regular games. They are slick, sassy and fabulously functional – and that is no humblebrag… It is irrefutable! Our game menu also happens to be powered by SpinLogic Gaming, which is the crème of the crop of game developers.

What we are trying to say is we have zero beef with live casino games. They have their place and that is for sure! The question remains. Is it online or live dealer online casino games that grab the super-lit spotlight?

What are Live Dealer Casino Games?

Where regular online casino games are software applications, live dealer games are the genuine article. Table games like roulette, blackjack, poker and baccarat are hosted by a dealer or croupier – and a mooi nooi or mannetjie at that!

The action takes place in a studio located somewhere in lower Tbilisi, Sarajevo or Vilnius. We all know guzzies like you can’t astral travel to Eastern Europe to get your wagers away. That would be so OTT. Nope. What happens is far more low-key.

In reality, live dealer games are streamed in real-time to your mobile phone, tablet or desktop. It is like Showmax or Netflix with one exception. You can chat to the leading lady or gent (aka ‘the dealer’) via the gaming interface onscreen.

Bets are placed like you would in a regular online casino game. The only diffs is luck and not an algorithm that determines the outcome. That can be nca or not, depending on where the ‘chips’ fall!

Zero Control

Here is something that may or may not be totes OK with you. When you participate in live dealer casino games you basically relinquish control.  Once the round is over it is not simply a matter of smacking a button to get things going again.

That is the exclusive modus operandi of regular games at Springbok Casino. Rather, you have to wait for the croupier to deal the next cards in poker or blackjack or call the bets in roulette. That is if there is a live game scheduled immediately thereafter at all!


No Timeouts Allowed

That, guzzies is time gone a begging and schedules that slow you down. Live dealer casino games may be fully trill but they progress with or without you. You cannot take a bathroom break, phone a BFF or head out for a boerie roll.

Nor can you join your tjommies outside for quick rawl and then take up where you left off. It is not going to happen. Finish and klaar.

Play regular online casino games at Springbok Casino and it is you who has control over the deal, draw and spin buttons. Not some flerrie located way outside Mzansi. Seriaasly? Who needs Outeniqua Rust when you are sparking it in Jozi, Durbs or the Mother City?

Live Dealer Casino Games and the Randela Effect!

When it comes to control and flexibility, regular online casino games win hands down. How about cost? How much extra do you have to pay to bet on live dealer casino games? That, peeps, is the ‘Randela effect’!

At Springbok Online Casino the lowest available chip value is fixed at R2. That applies to all the table games from Blackjack and Caribbean Draw Poker to Teen Patti and 32 Cards. Maximum table limits vary from R400 to R500.

Minimum and Maximum Table Limits: R5 to R100 000!

Minimum bets on live dealer casino games typically clock in at more than double that. Table limits obvs vary from casino to casino but it is safe to say you have to wager at least R5 to be in the game. That may not seem like a huge discrepancy but over a single gaming session it more than doubles the bankroll requirement.

What is even more alarming is some live dealer casino games have maximum bet limits of R100 000 and up! Yep. That is just R5k short of the purchase price of a brand-new Kawasaki Ninja 400! For one bet on roulette? You must be joking!

Luck and Not the RNG Determines the Outcome

Regular online casino games like ours rely on a random number generator (RNG) to deliver the results. An RNG is essentially an algorithm. It consists of random patterns of numbers.

It is these randomised sequences that determine that the cards that are dealt, the sets of symbols that appear on the reels and where the ball lands on the online roulette wheel. At Springbok Casino, our RNG delivers verifiably fair results.

Regular Online Casino Games are Verifiably Fair

How can we be so certain our online casino games are fair? The RNG software is regularly tested for randomness by Gaming Labs International (GLI). The third-party testing agency tests and evaluates the software and releases fair play certification based on an independent analysis.

No-one can tamper with the results without leaving an identifiable trace. That ensures all our regular online casino games are straight-up. Whether the outcome is to your liking is another matter altogether!

Live dealer casino games are controlled by the dealer. Luck and obvs your skill at playing a particular game are the only factors that determine the outcome. Are live games fair? By and large yes… but with the human element in the equation, there is always room for ‘error’!

Live Dealer Casino Games Have a Social Component

The social aspect of live casino games is what makes them so popular. You can engage in real-time with a live oke or stukkie via an embedded chat facility. That can alleviate any loneliness you may or may not feel when gaming remotely.

To sum up, both regular games and live dealer games have pros and cons. Neither option is better or worse than the other. What we can say for sure is Springbok Casino games are tops in terms of variation, creativity, flexibility and sheer scale!

How do you figure out whether regular casino games are for you? That’s easy. You tap the Sign Up button on the Springbok Casino website, enter your deets and become a full-on Springbok or bokkie! Register an account now!