Mother's Day Special

While hopefully we show our mums love and appreciation on daily basis, there is one day in the year people around the world make sure to do so – the Mother’s Day. In South Africa we celebrate this day on the second Sunday of May, thanking the most important person in our lives for all their love and care. Whether you choose to give your mum carnations, write her an affectionate card, or take her out to dinner, don’t forget to find some way to express your love and gratitude.

This year we’ll be celebrating Mother’s Day on May 14th, which means you’ve only got a few days left to think of a special treat to surprise your mum with. She’ll most probably not care if you’ve spent tons of money or none at all while doing it, but we can help increase the budget you’ve got available in case you had something really exceptional on your mind. 

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Message to Mums Around the World

Dear mums, where would we be if it wasn’t for you? Not on this Earth, that’s for sure! We have doubtlessly given you a fair amount of grief and worry while growing up, and quite possibly as adults as well, but rest assured we’re well aware of everything you’ve done for us and are filled with gratitude. Even if we don’t always remember to show it. Have the best Mother’s Day ever while enjoying little acknowledgments of your importance provided by those you love the most. Happy Mother’s Day!