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Leon Wins Close to R150,000 at Springbok

When recently congratulating Amanda on her success, we were inviting our male members to follow in the ladies’ footsteps and keep them company on the list of our biggest winners. And you guys have listened! Leon is the first to claim a 6-figure bounty which he won by spinning the reels of one of the most popular RTG slots. Congrats Leon, and welcome to the club! 

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Amanda Collects More Than R100,000

Hey guys, another lady has made it to the list of our big winners! While we celebrate Amanda’s success, gentlemen are cordially invited to try to replicate what Herman, Leon and Toni have managed to achieve earlier this year. Until they do, our female members get to celebrate as another lady makes it to the top. Let’s see how Amanda managed to collect more than R100,000 with a little help from Wild Wizard.

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Naughty or Nice Dishes Out R150,000

Once again we’re happy to congratulate a member of Springbok gamers’ community for striking it big. This time it’s Leon who has managed to collect almost R150,000 while spinning the reels of super-popular Naughty or Nice video slot. If you remember, the same game was very generous to three other lucky winners, Herman, Sandra and Kirsty, who have managed to cash in between R40,000 and R150,000 thanks to Santa and his two mischievous assistants.

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Springbok Celebrates Mother’s Day

While hopefully we show our mums love and appreciation on daily basis, there is one day in the year people around the world make sure to do so – the Mother’s Day. In South Africa we celebrate this day on the second Sunday of May, thanking the most important person in our lives for all their love and care. Whether you choose to give your mum carnations, write her an affectionate card, or take her out to dinner, don’t forget to find some way to express your love and gratitude.

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Popiñata is Our Game of the Month in May

We’ve only recently added Popiñata to the list of our games, and already it’s proven to be a huge success. This is why we decided to make it the game of the month and attach some crazy deals to this vibrant 5-reel, 10-payline video slot by RTG. What better chance to enjoy the fun new release than let us finance a number of your spins?

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