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The lure of a good casino depends on a couple of things, one of which is the quality of the casino games. Another factor that will attract punters are casino bonuses, a good selection of high win possibilities is a sure fire way to give the player the best chance possible of a decent win.

"Kwaai" (excellent) may be the thought of the player, but without knowing what bonuses are available there is no real appeal. Apart from the bonuses across the selection of games on our downloadable casino format, such as the bonuses that can be acquired from playing slot machines, the fresh faced player sampling our site can expect to receive access to promotional options for their first few games.

This is a good way to assess the possibility of winning some cash on a players chosen game. An exclusive casino bonus that is being offered to our players right now is a 300% increase on a deposit up to 200R. With the initial deposit and the 300% on top, that is 800R to play on a game of choice.

Play to win

"Jislaaik" (that's cool) is the first thought of many, shortly followed by "but what else?" Well, casino bonuses are something of a speciality of ours and many people tend to stick with us after the first bite of the cherry. Part of the reason that our users stay loyal to us is that we do not just offer bonuses to our new players, there are also several benefits for the more seasoned players of our downloadable casino experience.

Several daily slots tournaments keep things fresh on the slot machines front; we constantly update the gaming experience. Pay-outs start at 1000R and the individual can choose to play as much cash as they please, with a single reel bet costing only 1R. The player can develop their winnings progressively or cash out of the bonus rounds and keep their winnings. The best casino bonuses come from one of the most comprehensive downloadable casino experiences known to man, and we are fortunate enough to be able to offer this to our players, so visit the site for further details of all the options available.