Planet of the Roos

Introduction: Embark on a regal adventure with the Wild ‘Roo King in Springbok Casino's latest slot marvel, 'Planet of the Roos'. This 5x3 slot game, set in an alien world ruled by kangaroos, offers 25 paylines of grandeur, teeming with features that promise to fill your coffers with royal riches.

Majestic Features of the ‘Roo Kingdom

'Planet of the Roos' captivates players with its ‘Roo Palace Scatter symbols, triggering noble chances for Free Games. These games transform your play with Oversized symbols, leading to potentially majestic wins. The pursuit of wealth doesn't end there – the golden ‘Roo Coin Bonus symbols unlock the Hold & Spin feature, offering opportunities to claim one of the four illustrious Jackpots.

Unravel the Riches of the Roo Kingdom

Your journey through the palace of the Wild ‘Roo King is laden with treasure. Seize the chance to unlock up to 5 Extra Free Games, with each spin bringing you closer to the kingdom's concealed treasures. The Hold & Spin feature is particularly thrilling, as it transforms the gameboard, amplifying your chances of striking it rich in the ‘Roo kingdom.

The Royal Realm's Gameplay and Design

The game's design transports players to a lush, alien landscape, where elegance and wilderness intertwine. The vibrant graphics and immersive soundtracks complement the slot’s royal theme, making gameplay not just a chance to win but an experience to relish.

A Slot Game Fit for a King

'Planet of the Roos' isn't merely a slot game; it's a journey into a realm of nobility and fortune. Whether you're a seasoned slot enthusiast or a newcomer to the casino world, this game offers a perfect blend of entertainment and potential profitability. Its compatibility across desktop and mobile platforms ensures that you can enjoy this royal adventure wherever your travels take you.

Join the Royal Ranks

Step into the 'Roo Kingdom and spin the reels to see if you can align with the fortune favored by the Wild ‘Roo King. Will you rise to royal ranks and claim your share of the kingdom’s riches?

Planet of the Roos


'Planet of the Roos' at Springbok Casino is more than a game – it's a testament to the casino's commitment to providing a high-quality, engaging gaming experience. With its captivating theme, rich features, and potential for big wins, this game is poised to become a favorite among online casino aficionados. Join the Wild ‘Roo King in his latest adventure and discover if you have what it takes to claim your share of the riches!