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Enjoy the top casino games always here at Springbok Casino. Every month we are releasing new casino games playable on your mobile devices or on your desktop. We are using Realtime Gaming (RTG) casino platform to provide you with the best and most up to date casino games out there.

Win While Partying with The Mariachi 5

Attention amigos, a party is about to start and you’re all invited to join in the fun. The Mariachi 5 will soon be arriving to Springbok courtesy of our esteemed partner Realtime Gaming.  With the help of a new All Ways Pays video slot, the band will launch a do bursting with colours and lively music. Feel free to tap your feet and move your hips until the party peaks with the appearance of 3 pinatas and you’re asked to choose one of the colourful Mariachi musicians. The selected one will hand over a combo of free spins and multipliers for you to use as best as you can. The party starts on 17th April so plan ahead not to miss the fiesta fun and an opportunity to collect massive payouts.

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RTG’s Trigger Happy Launches at Springbok

Take a break from oriental-themed slots like Plentiful Treasure or Wu Zetian and experience something coming from the other side of the spectrum. The creative developers at RTG have turned the page and delivered a slot aimed to please all the lovers of the Wild West at Springbok. The company’s latest game is named Trigger Happy and revolves around troublesome times in a small backcountry town when dodging a bullet was a skill almost everyone needed to acquire. Western themes are not the rarest of them all, but the genre has been going through a dry spell lately, and RTG is determined to put a stop to it.

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Springbok Launches Cubee, the Most Peculiar Game by RTG

Cubee: The Time Travel Adventure is the latest creation by the good people at Real Time Gaming, and it has a rare “wow” factor that many modern slot-like casino games lack. Designed as a video gambling game that is based on a slot, Cubee is so much more. For one, the game takes you on a journey not only through space but also through time; it creates a virtual world that is immersive and intriguing.

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Kung-Fu Extravaganza Coming to Springbok This February

Everyone knows who Jackie Chan is. After Bruce Lee, he is probably the personality most associated with martial arts, stunts and action cinematography. He is the prince of king fu and he’s been riding the wave of that fame for decades. Known for being a daring actor and a terrific stuntman, Hong Kong's cheeky, lovable film star has broken his bones dozens of time during filming the most incredible fight scenes and action sequences.

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Wu Zetian, the Female Emperor

There is no way that Empress regnant of the Zhou Dynasty could have known that someday she will be the subject of an online slot. But she must have known that she will leave a deep imprint in Chinese history, as she was ambitious and ruthless. Known to have a heart of a serpent and a nature of a wolf, Wu Zatian was also known as Wu Zhao or Wu Hou. She was the concubine of Emperor Taizong, and after his death she became the wife of his ninth son, and successor, Emperor Gaozong. Primarily, she had the role of empress consort, but became administrator of the court after her husband suffered a stroke, and that position was seen as equal to the one of the emperor himself. She wore the yellow robe as a monarch and remains a controversial figure. Well educated, beautiful and intriguing, she was an excellent judge of men and, on top of that, politically astute.

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