Roaring Twenties Bingo

How to play:

Rather intimidating at first sight, Roaring Twenties Bingo is a highly entertaining and surprisingly simple online bingo game. Set the ball rolling by deciding how much you want to bet per cardboard, the amount can range from $0.01 to $5.00. The next step is to choose how many turns you want to take per round, since you can choose up to 100. Then you'll need to pick how many cards you want to play with, you can choose from 1 to 100. Last but not least, you'll have to decide if you want to play with the Extra Balls feature, which adds 5 extra balls to the mix and doubles your bet (and of course your potential winnings). If you change your mind you can always turn this option on and off throughout the game. When you hit the start button the balls will start moving and the game would have officially begun. If you want to speed things up, the Turbo option will certainly help you. There are lots of different combinations that can entitle you to payouts, giving you plenty of chances to win. This game features 2 jackpots which can be triggered randomly throughout the game.

Strategy and Tips:

Make sure that you select more than 1 cardboard so that you can really enjoy the experience as well as giving yourself the full opportunity to win big. Choose your bankroll amount before you begin playing so that you know how much you are playing with throughout the game. With the chance of playing with up to 100 cardboards all at once this multi tasking game enables you to take this old time favorite to new thrilling levels. Also take advantage of the 5 extra balls option, as the more balls that you are playing with, the more chance of winning big.


Vertical Lines: This refers to the selected numbers displayed consecutively on a card shown on a vertical position.

Horizontal Lines: These are the Selected numbers displayed consecutively on a card shown on a horizontal position.

Diagonal: The digits on the cardboard are chosen diagonally, the can be chosen from right to left or from left to right.

Letter X: This happens when the selected spots form an X on the cardboard. In this case the payout is 10 to 1.

Letter H: This happens when the selected spots form an H on the cardboard. In this case the payout is 50 to 1.

Frame: When the chosen numbers on the gaming round form a frame on the cardboard it's called Frame. In this case the payout is 250 to 1.

Full Cardboard: When all the numbers displayed on the cardboard are selected it's called Full cardboard. A Special jackpot amount is given away when this happens.