Who Will You Be This Halloween?

Have you started planning your Halloween costumes yet? When one dresses up for the occasion year after year, it becomes difficult to think of something new and creative that’s also easy to execute. Other people have no problem coming up with a concept but lack funds or skills needed for transforming it into an appropriate outfit. If you’re struggling to find an idea which fits your personality, interests and budget available, see if you can get inspired by these videos. 

Halloween Couples’ Costumes

Couples usually want to show up in costumes that appear to be part of the same story and you’ll see a number of great ideas inspired by horror and sci-fi movies, cartoons, comics, toys, celebrity couples, artists, animals, social networks and even food. How about going as a pair of boobs? Don’t worry if your budget doesn’t allow purchase of expensive items and materials or advanced sawing skills; some of these costumes require nothing other than makeup or a piece of cardboard and a pen! Check them out here.

Family Halloween Costumes

Things get even trickier when you have to plan for more than two people and those of different ages. The concept may have to fit babies that are yet to start walking as well as veterans struggling to do so. It’s doable, though, as these fun examples will show. You can still source inspiration from popular movies and cartoons, fairytales, toys and games, food, sports and activities such as a visit to the hairdresser’s, diving and safari holidays. Don’t despair if your chosen theme doesn’t feature enough characters to include your entire family; dressing everybody up in the same superhero outfit also works!

Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

Didn’t start planning in time and now it’s too late to do anything about it? It’s never too late, especially if you’ve got kids. Don’t let them miss out on an opportunity to have fun along with their friends, with or without trick-or-treating; check out costumes you can put together in next to no time. Some may require mum and/or dad to do a bit of arts & crafts but quite a few can be created with stuff you already have at home. What’s even better, your kids can end up wearing unique outfits that will make them feel special.  

Halloween Costumes for Babies

If you’re ready to deal with their criticism once they’re old enough to speak up, dress your little ones in funny outfits and prepare to hear a lot of oohs and aahs. Get inspired by the top 10 cutest baby Halloween costumes which you can create yourself or buy in store and don’t forget to take loads of photos and videos the family can enjoy for years to come. Here are a few more super-cute ideas to consider.

Halloween Costumes for Pets

Pets are often thought of as family members so why should they be left out of Halloween festivities? There are fun ways to include your cat, dog, turtle, hamster or horse into family celebrations. Don’t cross the line, though; you could cause them grief and potentially prompt your neighbors to call the animal protection service. If your pet isn’t happy about the costume you’ve chosen for them to wear, try another. If they clearly demonstrate they’re not interested, give them a rest and acknowledge they are awesome enough wearing their everyday outfits.

Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Wonder what celebs wear on Halloween? We have yet to see how creative they’ll be this year but can admire (or criticize) costumes they chose to present the previous one. If you like one of these ideas and believe you can pull it off, there’s no reason not to recycle; we’re pretty sure Justin Timberlake, Heidi Klum, Alec Baldwin, Beyoncé and others won’t mind. And who knows, you may end up being a more faithful Barbie, Wonder Woman or Debby Harry replica than Kylie, Emma and Cindy.

The Most Creative Halloween Costumes

People come up with zillion different Halloween ideas and some execute them better than others. And while it’s common to come across action heroes, princes and princesses, vampires and members of the Adams family, one will occasionally see a totally unexpected costume different to all others – either in terms of the theme, execution or both. Take a look at some of the best Halloween costume ideas we’ve seen thus but be warned: some of them are really scary, even in broad daylight. Here are a few more great ideas - feel free to copy and you’re guaranteed to be remembered!

The Scariest Halloween Costumes

Want to scare the heck out of everybody you meet? It can be done and you’ll get a few great ideas from this video of top 10 scariest Halloween costumes ever. We would advise to watch it during the day and perhaps in the company of other people, but even so some of the characters you’ll see may come back to haunt you at night. These are by no way last-minute jobs; if you wish to recreate them for this year’s Halloween, better start now and free up a good amount of your time. Still, your efforts will pay off when you see people screaming and running away as fast as they can.

The Funniest Halloween Costumes

If you’d rather have people laugh than scream (or are worried about traumatizing the kids), get inspired by 30 funniest Halloween costumes of 2017. Some are PG 13 so make sure not to watch them when there are children around and think twice about wearing them in public (they may be ok for a private party). One thing is sure, though; those that see you will laugh their socks off.

The Worst Halloween Costumes Ever

Sometimes things don’t go as planned and what initially looked like a great idea ends up being an epic failure. Some may say “it’s so bad, it’s good” but it’s up to you to decide. If you’re one of those rare individuals who dislike Halloween and the whole dress-up idea, perhaps you’ll want to use one of these ideas to make fun of the whole thing. (Please accept out apologies if we happened to show your costume; at least no one will be able to tell who’s hiding behind the mask).