Lovebirds, affectionate little parrots brightly coloured in green, yellow and orange, are known for being monogamous. The lady demonstrates her interest by fluffing up her feathers, and the male responds by doing a dance during which he'll be bobbing his head and scratching hers. Male lovebird will feed his partner during the nesting period and make sure both mum and chicks get the needed nourishment. Unlike some of their friends from the animal kingdom, lovebirds don't consider mating to be simply a reproductive strategy; they mate for life and will spend long periods just sitting together and cuddling. Should partners get separated and then come together once again, they'll express affection by feeding each other fruits, veggies, grass or seeds. A lovebird will get depressed if their mate dies, and if captured, you're very likely to see them mourn the loss of their partner. Isn't that romantic?