Cape Porcupines in Love

Not all animal mating rituals sound romantic to a human, and those practiced by Cape porcupine will certainly not win any two-legged ladies. Instead of taking a girl out to dinner and buying her flowers, male porcupine will stand on his hind legs, walk over, and soak the female using forceful urine sprays. If the drenched lady is less than impressed, she’ll scream to indicate she’ll have none of that and shake off. But if interested, the girl will turn around and offer safe access to her quill-covered body. Well, nobody would like to see their mate stabbed by sharp daggers - at least before the romantic encounter takes place. Once access has been granted, the boy better be in good shape as female porcupines tend to be insatiable and will not let go easily. Should the exhausted male tire too fast, she’ll simply leave him and go searching for another lover.