We’ve reserved the month of October for all things Halloween and good, healthy humour expressed through pranks. Instead of enjoying the Halloween spirit and the laughs ourselves, we’re sharing this interesting video footage with all of you. Ask yourself whether you believe in telekinesis, can people walk on water and could there be magic doors?

Telekinesis in a Coffee Shop

This viral video captures what happens when someone with telekinetic powers throws a fit in a coffee shop, provoking genuine ‘I’m in shock right now’ reactions from customers. Instead of selling them coffee, a coffee shop decided to give its clients a little scary wake-me-up by hiring a team of actors and stunt people to make it seem like one of the cranky customers is telekinetic. A fake wall, remote-controlled chairs and tables, spring-loaded books and framed pictures, and excellent acting led to people gasping, running outside, and even screaming and recording videos with their smartphones at the same time.

Driving Instructors Pranked by Motorsport Athlete

Driving instructors came prepared for their first day on the job but they didn’t know that their employers hired a professional motorsport athlete and women’s racing champion to prank them. She transformed into a nerd and took them for a ride. At first, she seemed like she could never learn to drive - insecure, confused and slow, but then she put the pedal to the metal and blew them away, Fast & Furious-style. Some were upset, while others held on to dear life screaming until the ride was over. Of course, nothing happened, except for the instructors experiencing adrenaline rushes and possibly thoughts about changing their line of work.

Welcome to Jurassic Carpark

Imagine a dark carpark and the most realistic dinosaur costume - it’s a prank that practically writes itself.  Work people go around their day, focused on work stuff but then they get a call to come down to the carpark for a moment. Unsuspecting victims experienced close encounters with a roaring raptor and displayed mostly similar reactions - fear, surprise and disbelief. These were followed by the laughter of relief once they realised the dinosaur wasn’t actually real although it looked like an actual monster.

Baristas Can Freeze Time

Going to a coffee shop for your daily dose of caffeine doesn’t have to be something uneventful and prosaic. Some have experienced strange things in coffee shops, as a prank. The entire coffee shop staff and customers inside would freeze and be completely motionless so that one particular customer would question the possibility of freezing time. Despite having doubts about something like that being possible, people freeze themselves, not knowing how to react. Most of them just maintain a big smile on their faces.

Cosy Movie Theatre

Feeling comfortable at a movie theatre is what we all want, but sometimes we need to settle with the only two seats left in the room - full of hardcore metalheads. Or do we? This movie theatre prank explores what happens when you fill the entire theatre with aggressive-looking fellows and assign the last two seats to a nice couple. Common sense may tell you to avoid trouble and go rent a movie for the night, but there are brave people who don’t judge a book by its cover.

Fake Leopard Escapes Zoo

In order to raise awareness about big cats being forced to coexist with people in urban areas where they don’t feel comfortable, some clever people have released Lily, a fake leopard onto the streets, and captured their reactions. Lily stands still by a fence and roars on selected passers-by. They are shocked at the least, struggling to determine whether the animal is real or not. Lily managed to interrupt a phone call and made a young man’s bum sore. In any case, she didn’t mean to cause a fuss.

A House of Colourful Balls

Anyone with kids may find this prank hilarious, but what would a working mom say to come home one day and find the house overflowing with plastic balls? A husband is left with the kids at home, and in a moment of boredom he decides to fill up the house with plastic balls - you know, as one does. The kids love it - they surf, jump into the sea of balls - they are having a ball. The dad keeps calling mom to see when she will be home, but tells her nothing. She opens the door - and a wave of plastic balls covers her. Unlike some frustrated women who would yell and call their husbands immature, this mom joined the party!

Modern Jesus

What would you do to see a regular guy staring at his phone, walking clueless, suddenly walking on water? People are often seen immersed in their smartphone world, that they don’t pay attention to where they are going. The main protagonist of this video accidentally continues to walk across a lake while being busy on his phone, and halfway through he notices what happened. The reactions of people nearby range from ‘Jesus is our lord and saviour’ to ‘Do it again’.  

The Dangers of Being a Pizza Guy

Paranormal activity can be experienced in anyone’s random home, but especially in homes of attractive ladies that order pizza and have digital zombie portraits in their hallways. Poor pizza guys didn’t see it coming. A nice girl and a beautiful portrait of a woman with flowers; what could go wrong? While they were waiting patiently for the customer to get the money for the pizza, the portrait came to life and turned into a zombie. Needless to say that the chances of the girl getting free pizza enhanced tenfold.

How to Shampoo Your Hair at the Beach

Don’t ever rinse the shampoo. Some people have forgotten about this rule and keep trying to wash off the shampoo from their hair, but luckily there is a guy who keeps adding more and more shampoo on their heads without them noticing. What is this mystery shampoo? What sorcery is this? Not even a Hulk-type guy can overcome this almighty shampoo. His persistence needs to be commended, though.          

Girl Power

Supergirls are all around us - they don’t need to come down from Krypton. But they do need a bit of help every now and then. One girl needs help carrying a bunch of heavy bricks across a lawn. She can carry as much as ten, but she needs help with the remaining three. Adults struggle to carry one, but she is off with her bulk, giving them something to think about. Another girl is able to carry buckets full of metal coins. If only her helpers knew the buckets were tricked. She eventually confesses everything, but not before giving them a surprise of a lifetime.

Pranked at the Airport

Deodorants are so advanced that they fight everyday stress now, even situations in which the airport police believes you’re a wanted fugitive. As a woman is sitting at the airport waiting room, she gets photographed by the prank team and her face ends up on the front pages of newspapers and on TV - suddenly everyone around her thinks she is a criminal. The same thing happens to other innocent travellers. The confusion is cleared soon enough, since the prank is part of a deodorant campaign.

Ultra Reality

Technology is becoming more and more advanced, offering us alternative realities. Like the one where a meteor falls and destroys the entire city, but not really. Several unsuspecting individuals have come into an office thinking they are being interviewed for a job. They will soon witness the end of the world - through a TV made to look like an ordinary window. Suddenly, their CV becomes irrelevant, as they look in the face of doom. In a moment, it’s all over. They are still alive and well, thanks to the powers of creative marketing.

Enchanted Door

As people are sitting on a park bench, this prankster walks through a magic door and vanishes. How? That’s what everyone is wondering. Through the magic of illusion. But these people don’t know that! They approach the door to see if there is some kind of portal or a contraption. Nothing, only the door. One lady simply walks away. After all, it’s none of her business that some bloke disappeared through a magic door - she’s got places to be.