2023 Team Green

January 2, 2023, Johannesburg, South Africa (Press Release) – As we begin a new year, people around the world are making New Year Resolutions.  With the Earth suffering from bad habits of the past, South Africa’s Springbok Casino has published suggestions for changes we can all make to tread more lightly on our beautiful planet and help create a brighter future. 

The first suggestion in the Lifestyle Changes That Can Make a Difference feature is to minimize waste by reducing, re-using and recycling.  Avoid plastic containers – drink tap water from a re-useable container rather than bottled water. Compost kitchen waste. 

Farm animals produce significant amounts of methane which contributes to climate change. Limiting intake of animal products is not only a healthier choice but contributes to a more sustainable future.  There IS life after bacon! 

Sports equipment, electronics, clothing, furniture -- donate or sell everything you don’t need or use so someone else can use it rather than buy new. Also consider buying as many things second hand as you can. 

Give gifts that are truly useful. From homemade preserves to a gift pack of wine or a book voucher, the planet will thank you for not adding more junk to the landfill. 

Carbon dioxide is a major global-warming gas so the less we use our cars, the better. Go grocery shopping with your neighbour. Share a ride to work or school. Use public transit. 

Air travel is also a huge contributor to carbon emissions. Use Zoom or MS Teams to conduct business. Don’t fly across the world for a holiday when there are fantastic destinations right on your doorstep. 

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