Popiñata Video Slot

27 March, 2017 – Johannesburg, South Africa: Get your party pants on, people, because it’s fiesta time down at Springbok Casino (www.springbokcasino.co.za). Popiñata is a brand new game from Realtime Gaming (RTG), due to go live on desktop and mobile exclusively at Springbok on April 19th. It’s the latest phase in Springbok’s mad mission to bring its customers at least one new game per month, forever, without ever stinting  on quality, and April’s offering is one of the whackiest yet.    

As the trumpets blare out some up-tempo son Mexicana music, there’s a party going on under a starry Mexican sky, and that means its time to whack those piñatas till they pop. Popiñata’s reels are populated with glowing piñatas of all colours, shapes and sizes, just waiting to explode with every win. 

Popiñata pays in both directions, with left-to-right and right-to-left prizes being awarded. And there are free spins and big wins galore. The Donkey symbol is an expanding Wild, which will trigger an instant re-spin when it appears. Any Wild Donkey appearing after the re-spin will trigger another instant spin! 

“Popiñata is vibrant, colorful, hectic kind of game where the emphasis is firmly on fun,” said Daniel van Wyk, Casino Manager at Springbok. “RTG has really ramped up the engagement levels to the max on this one. We’ve been working hard with RGT to keep this never-ending stream of high-quality, multi-platform content coming at you, and the positive feedback from our customers is inspiring us to keep pushing ourselves harder every month. Trust us, Popiñata will not disappoint.”