Everything can happen on a Safari in South Africa!

September is Safari Month so we decided to share a few funny stories on the subject. Have a look at this incredible video footage showing you the kind of things one might see when doing a safari trip in South Africa.


Scratch My Itch

In one of South African national parks, passengers touring in a small VW experienced a slightly closer encounter than they might have hoped for. A giant elephant strolling nearby must have had an itch, and rather than go looking for logs, small trees or rocks, decided to scratch against the vehicle’s roof and bonnet. Windows were smashed and chassis broken during this little incident, but the terrified couple inside managed to escape unharmed. 

Take Me for a Ride

A group of cheetahs enjoying their afternoon fiesta in Masai Mara in Kenya was awakened by the sound of a safari car passing close by. The little coalition wasted no time and immediately went to investigate. Seeing playful animals climb aboard and claim the bonnet as well as the roof must have made the passengers a tiny bit nervous, especially when one of the cheetahs decided to take a seat. After a short ride with their new human friends, the group has disembarked and slowly walked back home.

Up Close and Personal Elephant Encounter

Up close and personal videos of wild animals is a great souvenir to take home and show one’s friends, as this group of tourists at Toro Yaka Bush Lodge surely knows. Giant elephants were minding their own business until they spotted someone watching. An inquisitive member of the herd strolled towards a parked safari vehicle to meet the visitors, and having frisked the driver, went on to explore the rest of the group. Whether the animal hopped for a snack or was looking to play, his human guests provided neither, so it didn’t take long for the disappointed elephant to move on and look for more willing playmates.

Collision with a Rhino

What should one do if they meet a rhino on the road? Sitting safely at home, you might come with a list of plausible actions, but it probably wasn’t as easy for this group driving through the Kruger National Park. The rhino they came across charged head-on, and for a second or two it looked as if the animal wasn’t going to stop before it turned the vehicle into scrap metal. Though the driver’s soothing voice seemed to have prevented a disaster, angry rhino finally attacked from the side and flipped the car over. Perhaps it wasn’t in the mood for entertaining on that particular day.

Terminator Meets Elephant

While on a safari in South Africa, Arnold Schwarzenegger realised there’s no hiding from one’s fans. The famous actor was admiring the surroundings from the safety of his vehicle when his journey was paused by an inquisitive elephant. Asked to move, this fan pretended to leave before circling back to the car, and as it approached the group once again, the driver turned on the engine and started moving away. But the die-hard fan of Terminator movies refused to give up and ran after his hero to claim an autograph.

Keep Your Windows Closed!

Though safari trips offer an amazing opportunity to experience wild life, sometimes people get a little bit too enthusiastic and forget what “wild” stands for. Feel free to enjoy a one-in-a-lifetime experience of driving next to a strolling lion but make sure to close your window, just in case you encounter an animal willing to leap a bit further than the one in this video. Perhaps it just needed some privacy?

Uninvited Party Guests

While enjoying a drive through the Nambiti Game reserve, a group of tourist decided to stop for a drink. They disembarked, set up a table, pictures were taken, until suddenly they realised they’re not alone. Several thirsty lions invited themselves to a party, only to find their hosts have hastily escaped back into their vehicle. Although a cooling bag proved to be tasteless and vine didn’t seem to be their preferred beverage, lions have decided to stick around and left human visitors no other option but to leave their things behind and head back to the camp.

Giraffe vs  Jeep

While one probably expects to see all kinds of things when going on a safari, giraffe attack is probably not one of them. Seeing a 2.5 ton giraffe charge at their jeep, this group of holiday makers was not at all amused. They say its aggressiveness was caused by hormonal imbalance, but who’s to say the animal wasn’t just looking for some company? One way or another, even though the giraffe has proven to be faster than the jeep, the group managed to return safely with no injuries other than a small dent on the side of their vehicle.

I’m the Boss!

People aren’t the only ones who like to show off, as this funny video will show. As a police car slowly drives down the road packed with mischievous wild dogs, the residing elephant stomps over to establish peace and order. Dogs soon got the message and so did the police car which reversed and hastily backed away. They used their horn to try to scare the animal away, but the giant has firmly planted its feet and refused to budge. It sure showed them all who’s the boss!

Lion Opens Car Doors

We said you should keep your car windows closed when near a lion, assuming there’s no need to say the same thing about the doors. But even that sometimes isn’t enough! If guys in the video didn’t make a smart decision to drive off, this skilful lion would have opened the door and joined them for a ride. Now wouldn’t that be a fun experience?

Why Walk if You Can Drive?

If they’re not trying to enter a vehicle, lions will climb on top of it. This particular lioness wasn’t at all bothered by the sound of a car engine; it has settled comfortably on its bonnet and prepared to travel wherever its new friends chose to go. Eventually, the lioness must have realised it was blocking the driver’s view and agreed to move. Who knows what would have happened otherwise? I mean, who’d be willing to lift a 100+ kg wild animal off their car?