Springolph's Family Adventures


Springolph is back and this year he brings his whole family.

Everybody knows Springolph at Springbok Casino. He is coming back every December to help Santa deliver all the presents to South Africa.

But this year is special. This year Springolph brings his family as well and gives us some insights into his family life. Springolph, his wife Claire and his 2 year old daughter Hannah have lots of fun together which is not always going right for Springolph. 

Get ready for some very funny moments of Springolph's family life.

We are sure you will enjoy all their adventures as much as we do.

There is no way not to fall in in love with Springolph and his family.

Welove Christmas Season!

Sledging Fun

Springolph's daugher Hannah totally loves snow and especially sledging. Not more to say. Springolph bought two "normal" sledges and one super hyper fast sledge for himself to show off in front of Little Hannah and Claire. While the girls took it easy, Springolph who watched to much "The Fast and the furious" was too fast already in the first curve. No he was much to fast.  The calculation is easy: Hyperfast Springolph + Curve + Wood = Crashing into some trees. No worries, Springolph was not hurt but he also did not win the family race. Little Hannah and Claire could not stop laughing for days!


Baking Cookies Fun

Like all children in the world, little Hannah loves baking Christmas cookies. Springolph himself is not the biggest fan of baking. So he told his wife Claire and little Hannah he is too busy with work and cannot join the fun. In reality, he was just hiding in the cellar and playing his favorite computer games until the smell of freshly baked cookies got his attention. While little Hannah and Claire went for a short walk and left the cookies in the oven to finish, Springolph sneaked up into the kitchen and began to take a bite from a cookie until suddenly his family came back from the walk and surprised Springolph. His tongue still in the oven door closed and he was trapped. His wife Claire instantly helped Springolph after burning his tongue and poor Springolph could not taste anything for two days - it's safe to say Springolph learnt his lesson.


Let there be light

Springolph was planning a surprise for little Hanna and his wife. He wanted the brightest and most shining Christmas tree ever! His family told him from the beginning that they love the tree how it is and that the tree is perfect. But Springolph, inspired by some YouTube videos did not listen and could not resist. He got all lights he could find and plugged them together. It was way to much. But connecting the final plug it happened. Springolph got electrocuted massively and all lights went out for everybody living in the same street. After 2 hours the lights went back on and Springolph and his family finally could enjoy their perfect Christmas tree. Nobody will ever forget this Christmas.


Photo Shooting

Like every year Springolph and his family are doing their famous photo shoot for their Christmas card. Especially little Hannah loves taking pictures for her well known Instagram stories. Springolphs wife Claire had a very expensive appointment at the hairdresser as well. But there was one thing little Hannah and Claire totally forgot. Springolph himself did not look that great after all his recent accidents. After sending out the Christmas postcard they will have a lot to explain. But everybody loves to hear funny stories.


3...2...1 .... Happy New Year

New years eve and Springolph is prepared! Little Hanna and his wife Claire are not so much into fireworks. It' loud, it stinks and animals are afraid of it. But Springolph is totally into fireworks. He got himself the biggest rocket he could find to brighten up the sky. But it would not be Springolph if everything would work out as planned. He was so excited lightening up his super rocket that he forgot to step back. The rocket launched with Springolph wide up into the sky. Springolph could luckily right in time manage to jump of the rocket before it exploded. He landed in deep snow right before little Hannah and Claire who could not stop laughing again. Hopefully he learned his lesson.