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Many casino sites are vying for the accolade of best internet casino and internet accessibility has launched casino games associated with traditional casinos into the digital revolution. There are various tactics used by internet casinos, some relentlessly spam potential customers in the hope that they will relent and use their services. Other sites present the visitor with a cluttered web experience and seem to delight in confusing even the simplest options.

We take a different approach; our top priority is not to fleece our members, we regard our visitors as china, and therefore they should be treated as such. Choosing to download and play our casino experience is a win/win situation for the player. Yes that is right, not win/win for the player and the site, the player wins twice when they team up with Springbok. The first time they win is when we offer 11,500R in bonuses to the player when they first sign up. Check the site for more details if there are any lingering doubts.

R250 Free Casino Bonus to test Springbok Casino

Free Bonus

Use Coupon Code "TEST-SPRINGBOK" – and enjoy R250 totally for free to check out our casino.

How to get your bonus:

  • Register a Real Monday Account
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Please note: The Maximum payout is R500. Terms & Conditions apply.



Win, win and win

The second time punters win with us is when they read the tips and advice we give players on our downloadable casino, mobile casino, instant play casino and our Android Casino App. This is a risky tactic, as players already enjoy their fair share of wins, but risk is the name of the game; some more commonly refer to it as poker or roulette. That is two wins for our players, but the lekker thing is that two wins is just the start.

There is the opportunity to win more than twice and that is even before they have won once. After taking advantage of the introductory bonus a player will most likely win some cash. After using the cash to win more cash, we offer advice on how to win even more. Furthermore, the player can download and play our slot machines and enjoy progressive wins with the cash that we provided initially.

Our users stick with us and part of the reason is that they win regular cash prizes and enjoy it. Anyone with any doubt as to the authenticity of these winning opportunities should check our site to find out why our regulars and new visitors are so appreciative of downloading the best casino internet experience.