Duma and Ellie

Ellie, a baby elephant, has had it rough from the start. She was rejected by her herd and left alone in poor health and milk-intolerant. When found, Ellie was taken to Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage in South Africa, though her rescuers had little hope she would survive.

And if it wasn’t for Duma, the German shepherd who also resided in the same orphanage, chances are she wouldn’t have. Duma probably sensed how sad and depressed Ellie felt and did what he could to cheer her up. Having found a friend who was there and cared for her, she started to recover. Even though elephant herds play an important role in development of newborns, Ellie’s new friend provided the support and motivation she was missing. The two of them are now inseparable and have formed what promises to be a life-long relationship. 

Thula Thula is dedicated to conservation, protection and survival of endangered species. This wildlife sanctuary is run by the world renowned Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization and managed by a team of passionate and dedicated individuals. Its Zulu name means peace and tranquility and it seems this is what the abandoned baby elephant managed to find, with a little help from her four-legged friend.