Goats and Rhinos

Care for Wild Sanctuary in Mpumalanga is home to an unusual site: cheeky goats playing around massive rhinos and using their bodies as an adrenalin park fixtures or as a stepping stone to otherwise hard to reach branches.

The little acrobats skilfully land on their feet when rhinos get tired of little buggers jumping on their backs and decide to change position. Nobody seems to mind, though, and very quickly the game continues. Once again the animal world demonstrates the kind of tolerance we rarely see in our own environments.

Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary is a care centre which tends for animals until they can be rehabilitated back into the wild. Animals who have suffered permanent injuries making it impossible for them to survive in nature, are permanently housed.

They are being looked after by a dedicated Sanctuary team members committed to the preservation of South Africa’s wildlife, with the help of vets and volunteers.