Casino Software

Well, you have come to an online casino and, if we may say so, one of the best.  As an online casino, everything we offer you is based on software.  So, it’s a perfectly logical question to ask us to explain some of the more important and prominent types of software we use.

There are several categories of software but the three that we will discuss here are encryption, Random Number Generator, and mobile software.  The software we now use at Springbok mobile has improved by leaps and bounds in recent years so it’s a good idea to mention it in this article.

SSL Encryption

In order to play at an online casino for real money, you need to deposit money into your casino account.  Players and the casino alike want to make sure that your money stays absolutely safe whilst it is under our protection.

The software we use is called Secure Sockets Layer or SSL for short.  This software creates encryption between your server and your browser.  Perhaps you readily know the difference between a server and a browser but for those who may not be totally sure we’ll answer the question.

Servers and Browsers

Your server is the local company that provides you access to the internet.  There may be several servers in your area, each competing for the big local trade in internet access.  The browser is an international software company that allows people to search the internet.

When you take on a server, you have a contract with one company to provide access to the internet.  If one server in your area has a temporary problem, the others may not have any problem at all.

When you use a browser, you can usually access as many browsers as you wish.  The most famous browser by far is Google Chrome but it is far from the only one - Firefox, Internet Explorer, Bing, and Safari are other browsers you may be familiar with.  People generally prefer a particular browser for their own reasons.

Purpose of Encryption

The encryption software creates the necessary connection between your server and your browser and it confuses the attempts by hackers to access your information.  This is an obvious necessity for any online business from big companies like Amazon to your local supermarket that takes orders online and takes payment online as well.

How Companies Access Encryption Software

As the company using the software to protect the vital interest of our companies, we at Springbok went through the process of applying for the software.  Some players don’t like all the information we ask when they register and wish to withdraw winnings but please keep in mind that we went through a very similar process when we bought the encryption software to protect us all.

The SSL software is unique to every company that uses it.  Each company has its own unique code for decrypting the information customers send to it. The same is true of Springbok; the SSL software we use has a unique code so we can protect all the information you send us and we send to players.  So even though the software is ostensibly the same across the internet and allows thousands of companies and billions of people to do business safely over the internet, each company has its own secure code with which to “read” information and safeguard the information it sends out.

One of the most important bits of information is the amount of money a player wishes to deposit or withdraw.  SSL software also protects the increases and decreases in every player’s account without any accounts getting mixed up with other accounts.

Random Number Generator

At a land-based casino, the blackjack dealer deals real cards, the craps players throw real dice, and the roulette croupier spins a real wheel.  At Springbok, all of these games are played through the Random Number Generator or RNG.

The RNG is the software that gives all players the confidence that the games are fairly run so that they have the same chance to win as every other player.

The RNG is software that simply creates points of information.  Our languages have not yet found the perfect term to describe the points of information an RNG creates.  Here is how the RNG works at Springbok and other online casinos.

The RNG runs continuously.  Every point of information is completely random.  That means that there is no determinable sequence of points and the RNG is activated to determine the outcome of your game only when you tell it to do so.  When a player clicks “deal’ or “spin”, the RNG knows to stop at a specified number of seconds after the click. 

Every reputable online casino has an inspector come regularly to determine that the RNG is in absolutely perfect working order.  That way, all players know that no human had any hand in determining the outcome of the game they are playing.

The RNG creates confidence in players and is no less important than the encryption software.  The encryption gives players the confidence that their money is safe and the RNG gives then the confidence that the games are “safe”.

Mobile Software

The fastest growing gaming platform at Springbok is our mobile platform.  Mobile has always been amazingly convenient but the software in the early years—before Springbok had a mobile platform—was not very good.  We began running with a mobile platform only when the software was up to the standards our gamers expect from Springbok and to everyone’s delight the mobile platform continues to get better.

More people play online casino games on their mobile devices than on any other gaming platform.


The obvious conclusion is that online gaming relies heavily on computer software.  Therefore, we at Springbok devote large amounts of time and resources to maintain every aspect of our computer software and to improve the software whenever we can.