Playing casino games as a training experience

We read about the many benefits of casino gaming.  For instance, playing online pokies is a great and simple pastime when you need a break or just want to relax a bit before returning to the challenges of your profession.  Online casino gaming in all aspects, not just regarding pokies, is a convenient outlet for the inherent human desire to gamble.

We can gamble by hang gliding or deep sea diving and we can vicariously gamble through pokies and other casino games.  When we gamble at the top Aussie online casino, we can put a lot on the line or a little.  Many gamers simply like having a small wager riding on the outcome of a game.

Getting Ahead Professionally through Online Casino Gaming

Most people don’t realize that online gaming can also be a large part of developing the tools and skills you need to get ahead in any profession.  Let’s look at it.

Learning to Unwind

Many people are so tense at work that they have a very hard time letting go when the workday ends.  Work is a high-pressure activity.  Even laid back Aussies want very much to get ahead in their professions and many feel the need to learn how to unwind after a long, possibly tedious, possibly high-octane day at the office, laboratory, school, or clinic.

The favourite casino game for Aussies remains pokies.  These simple yet exciting games are the perfect antidote to stressful professional challenges.  Pokies come in so many different shapes and sizes that players can get vicarious pleasure in many different ways.

Unlike stressful workplaces, pokies don’t ask you to make instant decisions.  They ask you to sit back and enjoy the “scenery” as it were. 


We are often asked to experiment with new ideas at work.  Many people find this difficult to do.  Interestingly, pokies also ask us to experiment.  The experiments in pokies are to try out as many pokies as we can even in theme categories that may not interest us at the outset.

This is the essence of successful experimenting on the job: you go out of your comfort zone to try something new.  As simple as pokies games are, they also ask you quite gently indeed to go out of your comfort zone and then, when you do and you find that you like romantic pokies, you are one more step further along the path toward becoming comfortable experimenting with new ideas and approaches at work.

Concentration Games

The opposite of pokies as far as the requirement to pay close attention are poker, video poker, and blackjack.  These games require concentration and quick decisions.  Playing these games at Springbok casino can also help you develop the insightfulness to make quick decisions.

Sometimes, in a business meeting, we are asked our opinion on a matter of great importance to the company.   Sometimes the best answer is that you don’t know for sure.  In blackjack, this is comparable to the surrender option which many players have to learn to use because they are uncomfortable saying that they don’t know.

Play blackjack online and you’ll begin to develop the ability to say forcefully and with supreme confidence that you don’t have enough information to give an informed opinion on a given matter and that you would welcome the chance to study the matter after which you will be able to render a sound opinion.


The above discussion points to the importance of self-confidence.  We all know how important it is.  Believe it or not, playing poker against live opponents can be a great teaching experience for developing greater self-confidence.

As in the previous discussion, if you answer at a meeting that you don’t have enough information at that time but would relish the chance to render an opinion after studying the issue, you will elicit either of two responses.  One is that you are avoiding the issue.  This is not good for you.  The second is that you are embracing the issue.  This is very good for you.  The difference between the reactions of the others in the meeting to your answer is how much self-confidence you project as you speak.

Staying Calm

In poker terms, this would be called avoiding tilt.  Daniel Negreanu says that tilt alone accounts for a lot of the money poker players lose.  Learning how to avoid tilt in poker seeps down into your consciousness in many other areas.  It will keep you from experiencing road rage.  And it can help you get ahead in your profession because other people upon whom you depend for professional advancement will see that you keep a level head even under a good amount of stress.

Owning Your Mistakes

Nothing keeps a professional from advancing more than being perceived as avoiding admitting that they made a mistake.  A famous American sports team experienced exactly this many years ago.  The coach of the team’s defense told his players that they had the potential to become a great defense but they needed first to own their mistakes.

On the sports field and in business mistakes are as common as correct decisions.  Robert Townsend, who took the Avis car rental company to great success in the 1960s and beyond said that he would feel successful if 33% of his decisions proved to be excellent ones.

The next week the football coach was reviewing the previous game and suddenly every player began accepting out loud their individual mistakes.  At that point, the coach knew that he had the potential to be the coach of a great defense and in fact, it became the best defense in the league’s history.

Playing casino games that require decisions is a great way to learn that we all make mistakes.  In fact, we make a lot of mistakes.  Nevertheless, many people enjoy great personal success despite their mistakes.  These are the people who have learned to own their mistakes and to learn from them.

Avoiding Luck

It might seem odd to be talking about avoiding luck in the context of casino gaming.  Still, the best blackjack and poker players rely more on their skill at identifying the next best move than on luck.  The same obtains in any profession.  We need to make informed, logical decisions and avoid relying on luck as much as possible.


We’ll close by reiterating that Springbok never relies on luck for retaining the allegiance of gamers.  We offer bonuses, promotions, great games, and many other benefits because we know that luck alone won’t help us advance professionally either.